Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday Drilling...Paul Bunyon...Decorating Done

Since early this morning, there has been about a half a dozen workers drilling the cement stairs in front of this run down office building. They have been drilling non-stop since, and it's slowly driving me insane. It sounds like a dentist office, but the sound is magnified 100 times. It sounds like they are drilling the teeth of Paul Bunyon.

Are you all familar with Paul Bunyon? Well, here he is---he is a tall drink of water:

When we were younger my parents used to take my brother and sister and I to the Trees of Mystery. It's a place up Northern California. Paul Bunyon and his Blue Ox was there. Their huge statues were at the entrance of the redwood tree trail. Every now and then "Paul" would talk to the tourists walking in the entrance and the parking lot. He also enjoyed answering questions to anyone willing to ask. Let's just say that "Paul" must have been pretty bored. Well, of course my siblings and I had a lot of fun with Paul. We asked him a lot of silly questions. I remember asking what sized shoe he wore, and my brother dared me to ask where his mother was. "Some big kitchen in the sky," was Paul's reply.

The next day I remember walking around in the parking lot, when suddenly I heard "Paul" shout out: "Hi, little girl in the yellow shorts!"

It caught me completely off guard, and being the shy girl I was back then, I immediatey hid behind the car. Suddenly I heard a big laugh coming from Paul... It was kind of scary to tell you the truth.

Why I got sidetracked and told you about this, I have no idea. The memory just popped in my head.

Anyway, I'm happy to say that my house is decorated, as well as most of the house. Hubby put up all the Christmas lights outside, and our home looks like a candycane house; very cute. By Saturday night however, I was exhausted. Decorating is quite a job. I'm not looking forward putting everything away any time soon. I accomplished a lot, but I still have to take that holiday picture of the kids. Wish me luck. As usual, they had "better things to do" at the time.

Back to the drilling. Oh my's terrible. They are putting a ramp in front of the building. Why they aren't fixing the toilets instead is beyond me. They will probably fix the toilets when it starts raining again. That way, we can all go outside and use the Porta Poties they promised us while it's pouring rain. Lovely-I just can't wait!


Just Bill said...

Julie, I loved that Paul Bunyon statue!
Hope they left you a way to get out of the building. Have you circulated a petition about the toilets? There has got to be someone who would take action. Seems to me I have been reading about that problem for over two years. Bill

Missie said...

The drilling would have driven me nuts. Do you have ear plugs? LOL

Have a good week.

Joann said...

I loved your Paul Bunyon story!! I bet whoever was talking for Paul was really cracking up at you hiding from him... LOL!! Yeah, I guess that WOULD be kind of scary!

Jimmy's Journal said...

I've been in my office when there was construction going on outside and since I'm self-employed, I abandoned ship around 11:00 a.m, and forwarded all my calls to my cell. It was either that or I was going postal.


lisa jo said...

honestly. what on earth is worse than a porta potty? Ehh.
So, some dude dressed up like Paul Bunyan? if some dude playing Paul yelled at me and talked about the color of my shorts, i would have hid too! I think it is awesome that you got the house all decorated. I know the kids will love it. XOXO

Jan said...

I am so pleased John Bunyan popped into your head I loved the story ,that drilling would drive me wappy ,lol Jan xx

Shermeen0621 said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures. I think the decorations look so pretty but it just takes too much effort. I'm super tired from half decorating our living room. Over here we dont really do the outside, thankgoodness. But when Adam and I live in America I'll be decking the halls and he'll be climbing on the roof to decorate! lol!

Its nice that you remember childhood stories, I'm not so good. I have a bad memory for things like that.

Hope that you're doing well. I'll take your drilling over the cold in London. I need warmer weather!

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