Sunday, August 19, 2012

Only In My Dreams..

I've had a few bizarre dreams lately. There really isn't a reason for them, I mean I'm not taking any cold medication or any other drug that would possibly bring on such lucid dreams. I admit, the dreams are more hilarious than frightening, however, I don't see the humor in them until I actually wake up. Lately, I've been laughing a lot each morning. I think my husband is wondering about my mental state at this point.

Last week, I had a dream about being at church with my mother. There was some kind of festival going on, and the little mission chapel of the church had been renovated, with a huge garden and many new religious statues. I don't remember what we were doing there, but I remember thinking to myself, "Wow, I don't remember all these statues!" It looked like a museum, or more like we were walking through some ancient ruins in Rome somewhere. The statues were huge though, and I remember trying to climb on one in order to get a picture, which would really be very inappropriate thing to do. Then we walked towards the parking lot, and got into a car. My mother, who never learned to drive or ever got a driver's license is driving! Now I'm really nervous. We are driving along, and I remember being on the edge of my seat, the whole entire time, getting rather agitated by her behavior after she decides to turn up the radio so she can start singing to her favorite song. Suddenly out from the corner of my eye, I see an old woman followed by two other people crossing the cross walk in front of us. I scream in horror, as I see the face of Betty White hitting our windshield! All I can see is a blur of white hair and red lipstick! Mother stops the car, and I frantically get out to check on Betty. She is fine, but her lipstick is all over the windshield, and my mother is quite upset about that.

I wake up, my heart beating rapidly in my chest. Until I eventually realize it was just a dream, I let out a big sigh of relief. As I lay there, thinking about the events of this dream, I realize it was quite silly, and I can't contain myself, so I burst out laughing. Doing so, I wake up the husband.

"What's so funny, honey?"

I'm almost too embarrassed to say.

Well, last night I had an equally bizarre dream. This time I am on a mission, and I need to get somewhere very quickly, so instead of driving, or taking a train or a bus, or a plane, I decide to fly by way of hang-gliding. So I take off, and fly over the town, take in the sights by the ocean, until I reach my mother's home in Portugal. Yes, I actually cross the entire Atlantic ocean. My mother is please that I arrived so quickly and wants to hang glide back with me, so I share the harness with her and we proceed to hang glide back home to California in the nick of time! Then my cousin Adelaide decides to tag along, so I let her hang glide with me back to the boardwalk near the ocean so we can go on the Giant Dipper roller coaster. Wow.

I wake up, and try to make sense of it all again. I really don't have much of an explanation. Perhaps I'm watching a little too much television? This time I'm not frightened by the dream, because it was a happy dream, but as I remember and consider all the silliness of it, I proceed to burst out laughing again.

This time my husband didn't bother to ask, as I proceeded to giggle until I went back to sleep.

I'm thinking now, and I'm realizing that these dreams are all about my mother. She is on vacation, and I haven't seen her for over a month. From the phone conversations that I have had with her so far, I can tell that she is really having a good time and is enjoying her vacation. She isn't complaining. She is out having her little adventures with her sister, and is really enjoying herself. My dreams are showing her in a new light. She is actually having fun--something she hasn't been doing for a long time. I just have to accept it, and not worry.

She is having fun, but am I? In the first dream, I'm not having fun whatsoever Perhaps I've been feeling a little uneasy with her being so far away, and yes I worry sometimes. The second dream, I'm not all that worried about my mother going off to hang glide, so in a respect, I've set her free to live and fly away and have fun.

Isn't weird, that roles, of mother and daughter are being reversed here? It happens. I just worry about my mom and I miss her.

Oh well.. Who knows what I will dream up next. Perhaps I'll win a Nascar race.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Little Bit Of Lemon Juice


What causes people to become bitter?

It could be a number of things. Perhaps it comes from being wronged by someone they once truly trusted. It's natural to feel that way. It's also natural to feel some resentment or jealousy. Most of us have been there at one point of our lives. But when is the right time to just, "let it" go?

Some people seem to can't let it go. There are some who continue to feel bitter, simply because it's comfortable. It's easier to go through life blaming someone else for their own unhappiness. It's harder to own your actions, as it is to your own faults, and responsibilities. These people will be more than willing to point fingers of blame. Their hands are clean. They did all the right things. They don't deserve to feel this way, or to be wronged the way they have been. They live for the day when karma should come to tear the other person to their knees. Until then, if the day ever comes, life will continue. Sometimes karma takes it's time, but misery does love company.

We've all met these people. At least I have. No one wants to hang out with them, unless you are having a particular bad day. They will agree with you, and listen, but nothing you say will even compare to what they have been through. Sometimes these people are good to have around, but after awhile, they stop talking to you because you seem too "cheerful" or "happy". How dare you feel that way, and you deserve to be "wronged" because you let it happen. You are just too nice, and therefore, boring, careless and stupid.

I'm far, by any means perfect. Sometimes a little bit of bitterness comes back to haunt me, and at times it doesn't really take that much to bring it on. Sometimes it just takes a photograph. You just want to take it, and tear that smug look on their faces and proceed to throw the pieces into the toilet bowl, release the flush and watch those smiles flush down in a whirlpool. (cackle...cackle...cackle..)

Then all is good.

The sun is shining, and I am surrounded by good people and good things. Then I will feel silly for a few days, and then it's all forgotten. I admit, I feel kind of silly right now.

P.S. No, this entry is not about YOU. :)

Until next time...

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pillow Talk

It's Thursday, and nothing really exciting to talk about, so I will talk about my bedroom.

Since my time off of work, I've decided to redecorate my bedroom. It needed a fresh change. It all started when I decided we needed a new comforter, so I went to Ross and found a comforter for a really good price, so I bought it. When I got home, I discovered WHY it was at such a good price. It was just hideous. I thought the colors were pretty, gold and brown, but once out of the package, the design on the comforter resembled endless strands of gold chains, very poorly made with dozens of loose threads sticking out of the seams. It came with 4 pillows, all with the same design. To say the least, I wasn't too happy with my purchase and wanted to return it, but I didn't think I would be able to fit everything back in the plastic zippered bag it came it, plus, after getting the bed skirt under my Cal King mattress by myself, I really didn't want to take it out until I could replace it.

Lizzy said it best when she said:

"Mom it looks like a comforter you'd expect to see in a Gotti bedroom. All that's missing is a line of coke on the the night dresser."

My husband reminded me, "You get what you pay for." So, I guess I felt that was license enough to just go a little crazy and spend more money. So we lived with the gaudy Gotti comforter, that was already falling apart, and it's matching pillows for about a few weeks. I think Rich cursed under his breath each time he took each pillow off the bed before going to bed each night. He really hated that comforter as much as I did.

The new comforter arrived to the house, along with the matching sheets, and husband and I fell in love with them. We really like them a lot. But, of course, something seemed amiss. It didn't match with the rest of the decor of the room, so I had to do a little more shopping. Rich didn't complain when the glass jar of random shells appeared, or did he say anything about the other nautical nick knacks that suddenly made their way in the room. Nor did he complain about the new pictures on the wall to match with the new comforter. I mean, those green framed pictures of the flowers that had been hanging in our bedroom were getting a little dull and old, not to mention under all those years of dust. (I really need to remember to dust more.) I replaced them with happy beach scenic pictures of fishing boats, and umbrellas on the sand; things we both love.

Of course, if I'm going to change the pictures in the bedroom, I might as well change the ones in the master bathroom as well, right? So, I hurried over to TJMaxx and found some really nice pictures to compliment the bedroom scheme. I was expecting something from Rich then, but nothing. He seemed content. I think he was happy I took down the framed poster that was in there. It was a Renoir river scene with a people sitting at the river bank of the Siene staring at you when you look up from sitting on the toilet. Now, all you see are grassy, white sandy beach scenes. Much better. The pictures actually remind me of the place where we got married, so it doesn't get better than that.

Today another box arrived at the front door. New table lamps. Yep, I broke down and bought new lamps for the nightstands. I'm wondering if today he (the husband) will say anything. I'm sorry, but I really think the table lamps he inherited from his parents like almost 20 something years ago really need to find a new place in the attic. They don't match our bedroom scenery anymore. Okay, so I have the table lamps in, and I've only made one other purchase that still hasn't arrived yet. It's another canvas for the bedroom wall. Then, I swear, I'll be done. Swear.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Where Did June & July Go?

I haven't posted since May, I know. Forgive me.

When I last posted I wrote about the upcoming graduations of our three older children. It all went extremely well and smoothly. Matt's graduation was first, followed by Lizzy, and lastly by Andrew. The graduation party that was thrown at the house in June was a lot of work, but with the help of my homemade sangria, it all went well. We had a house full of family and friends and even a few neighbors and I must say it was a grand far as what people have told me anyway. Immediately after the party, Lizzy left with a few friends to New York, and completely fell in love with the city. my in-laws stayed with us for a good week, and after Lizzy returned from the Big Apple, one of my closest cousin's, Adelaide and her family came to visit us from the Azores and stayed at the house--all so much fun, I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I was to have her and her husband and kids at the house. All in all I have about over 3,000 pictures in my computer to describe where June and July went, but at the moment it's all just a blur.

August arrived and at the present time, my once full house is now slowly getting empty. My cousins left a few weeks ago back home to the Azores, and last week my daughter left with my mom to join them there for the summer. Andrew is practicing his car driving skills, trying to pass to his driver's test so he can drive his girlfriend out to dinner before she leaves for the military later this month,and my husband's son Matthew is leaving for college. Nicholas starts school around the same time, so I took a few weeks off to spend with him before he is back in his school uniform, but frankly, I think we are both a little exhausted. We've been filling in these last days with days in the pool. The weather so far has been beautiful, so we have been pretty lucky.

So, at this point as I look back at the first 6 months of this year is gone. With all the excitement and madness of it all, it's sad to see it gone.

Later this month, school will start again. Andrew will start his first semester in college, driving to classes--yes, that stresses me out a little for sure. Lizzy will be back home, and will start pursuing her career--hopefully not too far away, and Matthew will be at Penn State. Wow.

Nicholas is starting the 3rd grade. Okay, I think I can handle this.

Until next time...