Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Avon Ladies Against Arnold-Unite!

I got an URGENT email from Avon headquarters last night-direct from Pasadena-California headquarters:

"You may have heard that the California Legislature is working to finalize
its budget. In doing so, it had proposed for companies to withhold tax on
independent contractors. Last week, Governor Schwarzennegger refused to
accept the tax package, containing the onerous language that the
legislators presented to him. Our intelligence is that a tax package is
still being negotiated and could be final as early as the beginning of next
week. We do expect the onerous language regarding withholding tax to be
included in the next tax package.

In the meantime we are being asked implement a grass roots effort to notify
the governor and key legislators of our opposition to withholding tax on
independent contractors. Our timeframe is quite tight due to the holidays
and the governor's desire to have a package approved within the next week.

Avon - Government Affairs Dept sent letters last week and the week prior to
California legislators and to Governor Schwarzennegger communicating our
opposition to this proposal. We will continue to make contact in
California to voice our opposition. However, it is critical that we send
as many letters as possible to the legislative leaders to show that this is
an issues that negatively impacts our industry / their constituents.

We would like both associates in the sales organization in California and
our California based independent Avon sales Representatives to send letters
as well. I have prepared a sample letter and will be working this week to
assist any way I can."

I've formed a new group: A.R.A.A. Avon Representatives Against Arnold! I can't say "Avon Ladies" because that would not be entirely correct. There are many men out there who sell Avon. I know it sounds a little strange, but it's true. Would you buy lipstick from a man? I would I guess. Seriously, there are many couples who sell Avon together. I don't see myself and Rich doing that (are you kidding?!) but many couples are very successful.

Our state budget is so bad, ole' Arnold is out to get Avon Ladies to shell out and claim ALL tax money collected from each sale.. For someone like me that really doesn't sell enough to claim, it really doesn't make sense. If this goes through, a lot of represenatives, including myself, will probably stop selling independently. Of course, this doesn't just effect Avon, but all other independent sellers: Mary Kay, Amway, Princess House, Tupperware...etc..etc..

In other words, Arnold is making a lot of people MAD at the moment. I'm just waiting to get an email from my sister-inlaw, Becky to join arms and picket the capitol building in Sacramento. I will be submitting the letter Avon headquarters has sent me. If you would like to join our Avon fight, feel free to cut and paste the following:

California Issue IC Withholding.doc (24KB), California Template IC Withholding.doc (25KB), California Legislature Contact Information.doc (28KB)


Jan said...

Oh dear poor Avon ladies/men ,be afraid be very afraid Arnie is after you lol Happy Healthy and all things good for 2009 ..love Jan xx

Jan said...

PS you have the wrong link to my blog in your side bar Istill love ya though lol , Jan xx http://serendipitylives-jan.blogspot.com/

Missie said...

Kevin used to help me sell Avon! He was called the Avon lady at his office! He would deliver orders and forward orders to me from his job! LOL

LYN said...

whatever next??


we should set edward scissorhands on him...:-P

lisa jo said...

what a load of baloney. Truly. Tax the little man and let the corrupt ones get away with it all. Phooey. XOXO

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