Saturday, December 27, 2008

All Through The House...Christmas Eve

Poor Lizzy, since she works in retail, had to work on Christmas Eve, but Lea packed her a Christmas Eve meal, so she was happy. Nicholas fell asleep in the car, which was good, because "Santa" still had a new bicycle to assemble. I was able to do some last minute touches before the morning arrival of Santa as well. Here are some pictures of our home.

"It was the night before Christmas, and althrough the house....not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse....":

Oh look! Santa arrived!

And he ate some cookies!

My diningroom:

The Christmas ornament Rich fixed. It's Lizzy's first ornament from the year she was born (1988). It makes a heck of a lot of noise because it rotates, but I love it.

Can you spot your Christmas card you sent me?

Our Christmas village. Nicholas has had a lot of fun with this little table.

One more day until Christmas... That picture was taken last year-the kids got it blown up and it as one of my Christmas gifts last year.


lisa jo said...

no i can not see my card but i have been up 22 hrs straight and my eyes are crossing....i just know its there somewhere, lol. WOW, i think it is SO awesome that Santa brought a bicycle!! You go, Santa! Every kid deserves a bike. Your home is LOVELY. XOXO

Toon said...

So cozy and joyous...glad you had a nice holiday, dear!


Jimmy's Journal said...

Looks like everyone was nice and Santa did well. Great New Years' header!


Anonymous said...

I remember working retail as a teen. I sort of HATED it. And the returned holiday dresses, funny actually. All the worn once stuff. We took ANYTHING back. I think they are a bit more picky now.
I love all your happy family stuff, no really....... :-)
~Mary(Just Mary)

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