Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Early Morning Phone Calls

Is dealing with insurance companies a pain for everyone, or have I been cursed?  I was on the phone yesterday with my new dental insurance for a solid hour--luckily the problem was resolved to my favor at the end...BUT it was for something that shouldn't have been an issue in the first place!  Grrr...

I just got a follow up call from "Kyle" (at 8:04 am-gee thanks) who informed me that m  six month waiting period was "waived".  Thank you, Kyle, but that six month waiting period should have never been there in the first place!  I had dental insurance before-I've had it for years!  Thankfully I still had Rich's email with all the information from the previous policy..otherwise I'd be tearing up drawers and cabinets.  I just can't believe how unknowledgeable these customer service agents really are.

Why am I writing this in a blog?

Well I could easily just write this in a post on FB but I don't think anyone particularly wants to hear about my insurance struggles.  I seriously doubt anyone is going to read this post either, (most of my followers are not on Blogger anymore, at least I don' think so anyway.  Please leave a comment if you happen to be.

I should be writing free style at least 20 minutes a day just to get me back in the writing mindset, and I really do miss writing daily on a blog.  Which brings me to another subject--my writing class!  It resumes this Thursday at 9 am, and I have a publishing class right after.  I was reminded by this morning, at 8:02 am by my teacher with a quick call this morning.  Gee, that was nice of her to call to remind me.  I'm sure she called to remind everyone, I hope.  The majority of the class or retired senior citizens, perhaps that's why she called, and not because I missed a class, and then there was a "break" last week for President's Day.

So...that's two phone calls, and it's not even 8:30 am yet.  I'm predicting that another call will be coming in shortly--probably from mother.  I sure hope her cough medicine is ready for pick up.  Because I would really hate to call the Safeway pharmacy again, and her doctor nurses.  I called them twice yesterday for this codeine syrup that is supposedly "addictive".  Why on Earth would a doctor prescribe this medicine if it was so highly addictive in the first place is beyond me, but why it's such a problem is another.  My mother hasn't asked for a refill in over 2 years-doesn't sound like she has a problem with it, does it?

If it's not the cough medicine, my mother may be calling about the new oven she wants to buy at Sears.  Sale ends today.  She had 28 days in February, but today would be the day she would want to buy an oven.  If I do have to drive down to Santa Cruz I'll make sure to leave off a plate of malasadas for her, although I don't think it's the best thing for an 80 something woman who has diabetes should consume.  May be I'll only bring a few--no need to give the ants around her house another excuse for a visit.

Right now I'll just relax at my computer until the next phone call erupts.  I'm perfectly content sitting hear with my little dog on my lap.

Well, I think I'll return and work on my novel now.  Yes, my novel.  I'm finally getting serious with my writing.  It was a nice visit back to Blogger-and I will be back.