Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Just Call Me An Avon Elf

Last night I found myself waiting in a church parking lot for a stranger to pick up their Avon.

Here I am, sitting in the family van, waiting in the dark, until a large man approached my window. If a police man was there to witness us exchange envelope and bag, you would think it was a drug sale. No, just some Skin So Soft and lipstick. My customer was in a class at the church, and her husband came out for her to pick up the goods.

I left the parking lot and lost my sense of direction. I live in a fairly large city, and I still don't know my way around the streets of San Jose. I've lived here over five years, and I still don't know my way around very well, so for the next 10 minutes I was driving in circles until I realized I where I was. Pretty sad, I know. Well, at least I saw some nice Christmas light displays! :)

Christmas is coming, and I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed right now. Thank God my cousin, Tania has volunteered to be my Christmas gift wrapper Elf. She loves to wrap presents, and I think she wrapped about 10 last night. Thank God for Tania Elf, because I was busy bagging 50 more brochures for my son Andrew to put out through the neighborhood. They are extra brochures from an older campaign that I should not keep in boxes in the closet like they have been for the last 3 weeks. I offered him $20 for him to take out. He promised me he would do it, and not just throw them in the river.

Since the Christmas Boutique extravaganza, I do have more customers-a lot more older ones. I was calling my contacts the other day, and my daughter could tell. Apparently I talk louder when I'm with an older customer. I also have some customers who just want to shoot the breeze. I found myself talking to this one woman for over 15 minutes the other day. Oh well, nothing wrong being friendly, but it can be kind of draining.

Today is Tuesday.. Still haven't gotten the kids to take the photo around the tree. I hope to do this tonight. I have cards to send overseas! Wish me luck!


lisa jo said...

I am glad you have a Christmas elf too. Any help is always helpful, huh? Selling Avon can be time consuming....and i know lots of folks who LOVE Avon. XO

Missie said...

When I sold Avon, I found that the customers that I would leave ramble on to me about their lives, would buy more often. LOL

Jan said...

Can I borrow you Elf please ,I bet your customers look forward to your visits ..love Jan xx

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