Wednesday, December 17, 2008

We Have Snow!

Yes, this photo is a view of Mount Hamilton, in San Jose...

It is cold over here!! The temperature at the moment is about 38 degrees outside. That is considered VERY COLD around here. I've been wearing knit hats and gloves--it's hardly EVER that cold around here!

Yesterday we were suprised to see flurries of snow come down on our morning trek on Hwy 17 down to Santa Cruz. Nicholas enjoyed seeing all the snow, and it was quite beautiful. I really like snow-as long as I'm not in it too long. By the time I'm long enough in it to build a snowman, I'm done with snow; but it sure is pretty to look at. It makes the Christmas season even, how do you say it-more Christmasy? I'm not sure if that's a word.

So far, it's been a busy week!

Sunday evening we went to see a live nativity scene. It was freezing cold, but it was so beautiful to see. A Baptist church in town renacted the whole story of the nativity, and I must say they did an awesome job. They had a whole little town of Bethelhem in front of the church. All the people involved were dressed in authentic looking costume-there were even some really intiminating Roman soldiers in full garb, ordering us peasants around the town. There were booths set up demonstrating different games and fun things to do for the children from that time. (From what I saw kids back then did not have much for fun-everything was work-related-like lets make a candle holder-that sounds like fun!) After the Roman soldiers demanded us to pay are taxes and hail Cesar, in come in Mary and Joseph on the donkey looking for a place to rest. The Kings followed later with real camels (yes they went all out), to the manger. And surprisingly, there was singing! It was beautiful, and it really caught Nicholas' attention, and I was glad. With all the commercialism of Christmas that is thrown on our faces, it really is easy to loose sight of the REAL story of Christmas. It reason freezing cold though, and it did start to rain, but I was glad we went. (Pictures coming.)

Monday, Nicholas peformed in his first Winter Holiday assembly at school. He goes to public school, so they no longer say "Christmas" with anything associated to holiday. Everything is so politically correct in public schools nowadays-very different from when I was a child. It was very apparent in the content of the songs they sang-all of which were written and preformed with the music teacher who happens to be a professional "drummer". They sang songs about all the elements: silence, wind, water..etc. At the very end all of the four kindergarten classes say Jingle Bells. It was the only song everyone was familiar with. It was a little different to say the least, but it was great seeing Nicholas on stage with his classmates, singing and dancing-by the look on his face he really loved it. (Pictures coming.)

I spent Monday night up writing up Christmas cards until 1 a.m. Pheeww.. There never seems to be enough hours in the day to be on top of things. I had a potluck at the office yesterday, and the cake I was planning to bake simply did not happen. I ran up to the grocery store and bought store bought cookies. I didn't even try to impress, but they were eaten quite quickly just the same. I work with a very hungry bunch of people.

Tuesday night I was greeted with 8 Avon boxes at my door, so as you can imagine, it was another late night. This morning, I was tempted to call in and stay home, but I trudged out of bed anyway. All I need is coffee right now.

8 days until Christmas... Oh gosh..are you done with all your shopping? My inlaws are coming Friday, and I've got to write up a menu for Christmas dinner. My plate is full-but it is a happy plate!

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