Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Where's My Egg McMuffin?

A receptionist tells her boss that she is going out for a morning break to get something to eat around the corner.  The boss is hungry too, so hands her a $5 bill to get something for himself.  That was at around 10 am.  A few hours later, the boss is still sitting there at the reception desk taking calls, with his stomach grumbling with hunger.  No egg mc muffin, and no receptionist.  Without any explanation to why, at the end of the day it becomes quite apparent that the receptionist was not coming back.  Days pass, and weeks, still no word of the missing receptionist.

Was she  abducted by aliens, kidnapped, or may be she got picked up on a warrant?  No one knows.  I really shouldn't assume, she just took the money and made a run for it.  From what?  To what?

We may never know.  It really isn't that important.  Sadly.

I often wonder to myself (more than usual, the past few years) what would happen if I just left my job.  Of course, I wouldn't leave with my boss' money promising to return with an egg mc muffin.  No matter how tempting it would be, I wouldn't do it that way.   I would do the right thing and give my two weeks notice.   I'm pretty predictable and responsible that way.  If I just picked up and left people would say, "Gee, that is so out of character of Julie to just leave like that.  She must be going through a mid-life crisis, or may be she dropped dead."  There would be some confusion, and people would talk about me for a few weeks, may be a few months, but eventually they would just stick another poor soul at my desk, and life would go on.

Sadly, no matter how much you think you are irreplaceable at work, you really are.  Work goes on, just like life.  The office won't stop without you.  You can get an egg mc muffin at almost any street corner. Don't wait for the receptionist.  Go get it yourself.