Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ladies, Hold On To Your Panties!

(No panties have been stolen during the writing of this entry)

It’s been awhile since I’ve written an update to the bathroom situation at my office building. Is there working plumbing? Must Julie still use the bathroom trailer sitting in the parking lot? I know all of you are wondering.. Well, good news! Yes, we now have working toilets! I’m happy to report that the stinky porta potties and trailer bathrooms that have been parked in the back of the office building, for the last 3 months, have finally been wheeled away! Hurrah!

Now, we have a new bathroom, but things are far from perfect.

They say a woman designed our new bathroom, but I beg to differ. First of all, we have just one sink. We now have to take turns to wash our hands. The soap dispenser and the trash bin are on completely different sides of the sink, and we still don’t have a mirror, just a cut out of where it is supposed to be. The women’s bathroom is right at the back entrance, so it’s the first door a person will see when entering from the back door. The men’s bathroom is on the other side, hidden near the hallway. This has already caused a problem.

Apparently, yesterday a male client of ours, who REALLY, REALLY had to use the bathroom, asked an unnamed woman (whoever it was, I would really like to kick her) to let him in to use the bathroom. I don’t know what the real circumstances were-he may have been telling a fib, and the door may have been ajar or something. Well, this guy, who happens to be on the sex offender caseload goes in and uses the women’s bathroom. A little while later, in walks in one of my co-workers (the really annoying one) who upon entering the bathroom, immediately notices a pair of rather large working boots, with worn, dirty jeans hovering over them in one of the stalls. Now, that in itself should have rose a red warning flag----I mean, not many women in the building dress that way, right? Well she goes along and sits down on the toilet and does her business. Eventually she hears a zip go up and the walking work boots as they make their way out of the women’s bathroom. Just when she is about to leave, here comes the older, busy body woman who works across the hall announcing loudly:

“A man just walked out of here!”

The hysteria begins!

Well, it was discovered that this client is on the sex offender caseload purely for his love for women's panties! He is a panty theif! He has alredy been spoken to, and he is no longer allowed to use the women’s bathroom here in the building, but it still is a tad creepy, don’t you think?

So, just a warning to all you ladies: Keep your eyes open in public restrooms, and hold on to your panties!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Last Weekend, Part III

We hung out the rest of the afternoon and evening back near our hotel in Monterey at Cannery Row. As you can see by the pictures, the weather was beautiful, and we really had a great time. It really is nice being alone without the kids, but I will say, I saw a lot of kids all the time, so it was hard not to miss them.

Yes, that's the Portuguese flag; we are everywhere!

Boy that Margarita was soooo good..

Yes, we look wasted, don't we? It's amazing how well I was able to take these photos, huh?

Last Weekend...Part Two

Last Saturday, we decided to walk around Carmel, and Monterey. We did a lot of walking, and visiting various establishments, taking pictures with various drinks..etc... All pictures were taken by my right arm-this explains why my neck is leaning to one side, and I'm smiling crooked smiles.. If you notice, as the day went on to a close, we are looking pretty "wasted". We weren't really.. We just had a lot of fun though.. :)

Walking around Carmel: The below pictures were taken at a boutique, outside mall..
Carmel is a beautiful little town. Clint Eastwood used to be the mayor there. I think the average age of this town is close to 65. I could be wrong, but I saw a lot of older people walking their dogs all over town. This town is very dog friendly---they are welcome in art galleries, stores, restaurants...the beaches..

I had to take a picture of this firestation. It reminds me of a firestation you see in a children's book.

Nothing beats a Bloody Mary in the morning, right? :)

Carmel beach is one of the most beautiful beaches I've ever seen. I love the white sand, and it was a perfect day to take a break

Last Weekend...

The following photos were taken last weekend when my husband Rich and I went away for the weekend to celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary:

Monterey, Cannery Row at night:





Thursday, April 16, 2009

Playing Catch Up...

First, thanks for all your kind comments in regards to my last entry. I'm a bit removed from the situation-across the other side of the globe. Today was Otilia's funeral. Unlike funerals here in the states where it can take days for the service and the burial, in the Azores people are customarily buried within 24 hours. I'm sure the family back there are all in a state of shock. My kids were sad, but they are alright. Lizzy changed her Myspace picture. Instead of her picture with the fake tattoos, she is standing with her Tia Otilia in her grand-parent's backyard. Otilia would have loved it. She loved being in pictures, and when she was younger, would put up her hair, put on her makeup and go downtown to get her photos taken for fun. She my daughter have that in common. Yes, I'm going to miss her-especially when I go back to the islands again. It's going to be strange going to the island and not stopping at her house on the corner.

Easter was nice. After church we went to my mom's house for Easter dinner, and it was nice being with my siblings and their kids. My brother brought one of his strange friends over too. I don't know why, but my brother has the strangest friends. At least this friend wasn't the one who talks to aliens who is dating the lesbian stripper from Reno. Oh well, it kept the evening entertaining at least.


Nicholas & Daddy

Me and my boys (Lizzy was not taking pictures--she has been sickly since Easter.)

Andrew, Mom & my sister-in-law, Karen

Mom, Nick, and my brother Eddy

Everyone have a great weekend! I have bags to pack-going away for the weekend to celebrate our wedding anniversary. :) Thank you all again!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Today at work I got an overseas email from a niece of mine. The usual happy face, and happy greeting was not there on the subject line, so I automatically thought something was not "right". I also have been feeling tense lately, dreaming strange dreams, and dreams with my father with him trying to tell me something. I've been trudging all this week with this sense of doom lingering around the corner; something just not "being right". Almost as though I've been walking around the whole week wearing mismatched shoes. It's hard to explain--it's just a feeling I sometimes get before receiving bad news. I guess its a way my "spirit" prepares myself for an upset.

My niece's email was short and concise. It went on to say her Tia Otilia had passed away this morning during a extended day at the hospital. Otilia, my ex-sister-in-law was gone; my world just got a little less brighter, and heaven just got a little bit more brilliant. Only a few months ago I had a birthday present sent to her, and now I've had to send flowers to her funeral. In a nutshell, it's been a teary-eyed, surreal kind of day.

Let me tell you about my ex-sister-in-law.

Otilia was on this earth for 60 years. She lived with a mental condition that I never clearly understood, but carried on and lived as much as life would give her. She was a beautiful baby, and had the most beautiful complexion. She liked to manicure her nails every weekend, and was never late for Sunday mass. She was a devoted Catholic who showered us throughout the years with various religious items. The year she came to live with us for 6 months she lovingly packed five posters of Jesus for us, my parents, and my siblings. She carried a picture of her aunt (a Mother Superior) in her wallet. She loved taking pictures, and like my daughter, very photogenic. Although she never married, nor had children, her home was decorated by numerous pictures of her nieces and nephews. She loved Disneyland, Italian food, old movies, roses, and had a love for roller coasters. She was not lucky in love, but always hoped her prince would come. She loved singing in her church choir. She was talented in crochet, and loved watching her favorite soap opera novela every Thursday night. She had at least 50 little statues of Our Lady of Fatima and various other saints in her bedroom, and she loved the Pope. She was also a loving sister-in-law. The last time I saw her, she asked whether or not I finished writing my book. She also cried. She cried for the things her brother had done, but was truly happy to see how my life had changed. She adored Elizabeth and Andrew and she embraced my youngest son, and treated him as if he was a nephew.

She died in her sleep this morning, and tonight, as I'm watching the sun go down, I'm remembering a loss of a true friend-a sister. Rest in peace, Otilia.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

All I Need To Know, I Learned
From The Easter Bunny!

Don't put all your eggs in one basket..

Everyone needs a friend who is all ears.

There's no such thing as too much candy.

All work and no play can make you a basket case.

A cute tail attracts a lot of attention.

Everyone is entitled to a bad hare day.

Let happy thoughts multiply like rabbits.

Some body parts should be floppy.

Keep your paws off of other people's jelly beans.

Good things come in small, sugar coated packages.

The grass is always greener in someone else's basket.

To show your true colors, you have to come out of the shell.

The best things in life are still sweet and gooey.

May the joy of the season fill your heart.

Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Passing the Kreative Blog Award...

Oh my! This bunny is blushing over here! :B Thank you Lori Dusty Pages - for the Kreative Blog Award--I'm both honored and surprised!! Thank you!

Okay, I'm passing the award down to my fellow bloggers. The instructions are to link back to the blogger who gave me the award, Lori, which I did above (be sure to check her out), and I am supposed to list seven things that I love. Well, naturally there are more than 7 things that I love about life, so I will just mention a few random 7:

1. New socks and underwear. I'm not kidding--there is NOTHING like the feeling of wearing new spanking underwear, and nice soft and cozy socks. I don't know what it is, but the feeling is just undeniably soothing. I'm a woman of simple tastes and pleasures, I guess.

2. Hugs. I love being hugged-especially by my kids, and of course from my husband. I love being surprised by the random hug. My kids' hugs have this magical power of making me remember how much I'm needed-no matter how old, or "grown up" they seem to be. Sometimes I forget; especially with my older children. My husband's hugs have some sort of magical power--no matter how stressed I feel, or upset I become, one hug from that wonderful man of mine, and all my worries seem to diminish in thin air.

3. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I know-seems silly, but whenever I eat one, I'm immediately taken back to a more simple time.

4. Hearing my mother sing in the kitchen-especially when she is dancing with her wooden spoon.

5. Laughter-not the fake kind, but laughing until your eyes start to water, when the drink you are drinking starts coming up your nose, your side is hurting, on the verge of peeing in your pants kind of laughter.

6. Being in a public place and suddenly hearing Portuguese being spoken at random by strangers. Don't ask me why, but each time it happens, I smile-it reminds me of home and the people I love who live far away.

7. The ocean. I feel closer to God when I'm near the shore. When I'm having a bad day, it's the one place I feel more drawn to. The ocean and it's unpredictable strength inspires me. The smell of the ocean, the crashing of the waves, the sand.. There is nothing more incredible than walking on the beach at sunset.

Okay here are a few bloggers (in no particular order) who I would like to acknowledge-of course I enjoy reading all the blogs I follow. There are a few I can't put down due to them having private journals. You know who you are :)

Here are a few:

1. Jimmy's Journal - Although I don't necessarily share his political views, this guy is a riot. His writings are both entertaining, interesting and educational! I hear he can sing too! Area 51 is where you can find Jimmy--I can picture him there sitting at the bar-a good guy. There are few good guys out there, and he is one of them.

2. Rejected Truth - Mary.. I love this woman. She is a natural born writer, giver, and friend who never complains about my long winded emails. She writes from the heart. When I read her entries, I feel like I'm reading a letter from an old friend. She is someone I wish who lived closer-like next door even. She is someone I would take my long walks, and do coffee runs with.

3. The FABULOUS Blog of Miss Ginger Grant! What can I say about Miss Ginger? It is always fun to read the many adventures of Miss Ginger Grant! I've never seen such clean closets, or eyeliner applied so perfectly! Miss Ginger, I need your help! Always a fun and interesting read of someone who truly loves life!

4. PRAZER_INCULTO - Possidonio-an old friend from the Azores, as well as very talented and successful Portuguese author--look him up even! I'll never forget that night you and your sister had to hang out with my parents while my cousin Adelaide was at Twin's Pub, or waiting up until 3 am for the bread factory to open up for warm bread after dancing all night. "I'm as hungry as a bear.." Okay, he writes in Portuguese, but he understands English--he puts up with my silly comments-pay him a visit!

5. A Middle Aged Mom's Upside Down World - Missie Now this woman is one of the most creative people I know on Blogger. She not only makes fantastic tags, but she is in inspiring mother and wife. She is a remarkable and strong woman who always puts her children's needs first-something to truly admire. She is also down to earth kind of person, who is a passionate in her beliefs and her family; someone I also wished lived closer. Although she is going through some unexpected health issues, she always maintains a sunny disposition-a very positive attitude.

6. Joann's Weight Loss Journey - Joann is just a fun person, who loves life. When I read her entries it leaves me smiling--a positive attitude an just a fun-loving person who enjoys the company of her son and her many friends. Naturally this woman has a lot of good friends-I love her attitude.

7. Just Plain Bill - I love Bill! Although he doesn't regularly write an entry, he always finds the time to leave the sweetest little comments on my blog. He is a sweetheart who always leaves with a kind word and encouragement. You can tell from his writings what a proud grandpa he is--you can't help but love him.

Okay---that is my seven.....I could only pick 7... Now go out and pick your own 7!

My little "booger."

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It's raining, but I've got sunshine in a bowl with Acai..

Yes, I'm eating my Acai bowl. The picture above is not my bowl (it's the only one I could find online that is similar.. Imagine a bowl of pineapple, mango and bananas with acai, and granola... Yummy.. Acai, like I explained before is a little like yogurt, but not as thick. It's good for you, and it tastes best when it's cold. The only thing I really don't like about is that it tends to stick on your lips, so I have to remind myself to look in the mirror before leaving the office. I'm the kind of person that gets Kool-Aid moustaches after drinking too much of it. IF this is you as well---you will need to check the mirror as well.

It is in fact raining outside, but the past week up until now, we've been experiencing AWESOME weather. It's been beautiful! I spent my birthday weekend planting Spring flowers, and just enjoying the sun, and my family. Between my friends at work, and at home, I've been feeling like a princess-or rather a queen lately. :)

My youngest is on Spring vacation, and I'm taking a few days off to be with him-it's raining today, but I don't mind-I'm working today. It might as well snow. Yesterday was beautiful, and I'm hoping Friday will be nice again because I'm taking it off.

I'm on a new health kick now. Eating Acai, and walking laps at the high school next to my house. A mile a day--for the next 30 days. Wish me luck-I need to lose 10 pounds of winter blues.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bad Bunny; Good Bunny

My son, Andrew is currently “grounded” for a few weeks because he has been a bad “bunny”, or should I say, he was “bad” to a “bunny.”

I will explain.

Picture this: 3 teenagers on a Saturday afternoon, on their way to Wendy’s. They suddenly approach a 5 foot, grinning inflatable rabbit situated at the sidewalk near a sign for an Easter egg hunt. How do you think 3 teenage boys would react in this situation?

They took turns punching the thing, and after a few laughs and go along their merry way to their destination. However, leaving Wendy’s they were greeted by a police officer.

Apparently, after the encounter with the boys, the “bunny” deflated, and died. The owners of the rabbit (a church group) reported the incident to the authorities and there was a call alert for the three boys. All of them were escorted to the scene of the crime and spoke with the people who reported them in. The police convinced them not to press charges, and speaking to the three of them, they declared that they were “all really good boys”, so they got off with only having to pay $20 each for a replacement inflatable rabbit; or should I say, I paid $20 for the rabbit. Although it was WRONG that they punched the bunny, I hope the church group realizes that perhaps putting the rabbit so near the sidewalk may not be such a good idea. I’m pretty sure none of the boys would have touched it if they had not been together goofing off.

Oh well, Andrew is grounded and hopefully this “brush with the law” will make him think twice about vandalism of any kind. The woman from the church called me later in the day and seemed disappointed that I was going to pay the $20 rather than let him work a few hours around the church. For some reason, she sounded like she really liked Andrew a lot, and wanted to see him again. I found it a bit strange. Perhaps she thought he was a “lost sheep” who lost his way from the “flock” and she wanted to convert him into the church? Nevertheless, I did not enjoy having the police calling about my kid. Can you say, SCARY? The police officer was pretty candid with the parents, almost apologizing for the call, saying he “couldn’t believe the police were called for this.”

Well, April is finally here! I love Spring! The weather has been really nice lately. Tuesday I was able to take a nice 3 mile walk near the ocean on the Cesar Chavez Holiday while Nick was attending his kindergarten class, and it was a nice break. I need more days like that; no work, just spending time alone outside-enjoying the sunshine, no housework, just ME time. It was almost like a spiritual experience. The evening was spent with Andrew and me at the St. Joseph’s Cathedral where we sat in a three hour mass for the blessing of the oils for the entire county. The bishop was there, along with 15 other priests. The liturgy was spoken in three languages, Spanish, English and Vietnamese. It was a beautiful ceremony, with a lot of singing in a very beautiful cathedral. I also saw a woman with the strangest hair color that I’ve ever seen in my life. I am not kidding when I say this, but her hair looked like the fur of a skunk. She had jet black hair, and the top was completely white-like a stripe. It was very odd. I took some pictures before the ceremony started, and now I’m sorry I hadn’t take pictures of her hair.

Something also very odd happened. I was sitting there, and suddenly I felt a splash of something wet on my face. My first thought was holy water? But I didn’t see the usual priest with the water walking around. Then I thought may be the baby girl in front of me threw her bottle my way, and maybe splashed my face with it? And then I remembered how sweaty her father’s head was, and hoped it wasn't from him slicking his hair back. I had noticed that he did it before, and actually wiped his hands on his daughter blanket-gross, I know. Did he really splash his hair sweat on me? Eeeww… Or, was this a “spiritual” moment, and I was being blessed by an angel? I want to believe it was an angel, not the hair sweat. I’m curious, do you believe in angels? I washed my face as soon as I got home just in case.

Well, it’s Thursday. Yesterday was April Fools Day---were you fooled?