Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas is Coming!!

Whewww... Christmas is almost here!!

I hope for I will be able to post a Christmas card picture by tonight. Please wish me luck. It may be hard. My daughter has to work this afternoon, and I have race up to my mother's house to get Andrew. Yesterday I spent the entire day dropping off Avon orders and shopping with my mother at JcPenny. I don't know if all of you have a Penny's where you are. It's her absolute favorite store, and she doesn't have one near her, so she spent the night on Friday just to shop on Saturday. OMG..what a mad house that was. It's quite cold over here, so of course she wore her long purple overcoat, and of course the store was hotter than hell inside, so I ended up following her around with her coat over my arm. I felt like I was following the Queen mother. My mother LOVES to shop, but she refuses to wear low heeled shoes. She is 75 years old. She does not look her age, but she wears 3 to 4 inch heeled shoes! It makes me nervous, okay? Sure most 75 women wear flat shoes, or those really unattractive orthopedic shoes, and they look their age, but at least if she wore those shoes I wouldn't worry as much... Oh well. She claims wearing low shoes hurts her back. What am I to say? I can't argue with her-it doesn't work. If Grandma's not happy, NO ONE around her is happy.

Let's just say I was feeling pretty exhausted yesterday. I did get a really good deal on pillows though. Husband and I got such a nice restful sleep with our new King Sized fluffy pillows! "I just love this pillow!" Rich exclaimed in the middle of the night. It's the simple things you know..

I got a call from the furniture place. My new sofas are due to arrive next Saturday. So much is scheduled for next Saturday. My inlaws are coming, I'm going to see my niece, Bonnie dance in the Nutcracker, and now the sofas are coming.. Wheww.. Well, hopefully they will come in the morning. I'm just glad they are coming before Christmas. I have over 25 people coming over for Christmas dinner-I don't people sitting on pillows on the floor.

I'm happy to say however that I am almost completey done with shopping-thanks to the internet. I would rather shop from here than go back to the zoo at the mall. The only way I like shopping is when I'm alone; it is just so much easier-no distractions, and no dealing with parking lots, and extremely rude people. My daughter works in retail, and she says that yesterday was pretty nasty. I felt pretty bad myself yesterday-while I was knocking down various mittens and hats, while lugging my mother's enormous purple coat-or should I say her "royal robe". Can you feel my frustration? Yesterday was a very stressful day. It's Sunday, and tomorrow is already Monday... URggg... Weekends are never long enough for me..

Thanks Lisa Jo for the tag below! :)


Julie said...

Sounds like you have been busy. I had to laugh at your description of your shopping trip with your mother, carrying her coat, LOL. And heels! I have trouble with croc's. I just got back from our Pennies here, didn't check out the pillow's but should have. I hate my pillow.

Winivere said...

I am so happy that my family knows I don't have money. It is so liberating! LOL

lisa jo said...

I don't like Penney's at all..Meg and i went there on Sunday..first time in a year....i love how you describe your mom...she sounds so awesome....i'd love to see a pic of your new furniture. I have a feeling you are going to be super busy for the next 2 wks. XO

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