Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Back From The Rock...

I'm back from the Azores; the island of Terceira, the birthplace of my mom, and my maternal and paternal grandparents, and their ancestors. I've been away on this island for the last four weeks, and there was no time to sit at the computer to type blog entries. Rather, my time was spent with family and friends near the rocky ocean side and sandy beaches, sitting in an outside cafe, walking along century old cobblestone city streets, and white and black mosaic sidewalks, glorious gardens and marble floored homes, bustling restaurants and nightclubs, and majestic steepled churches.

Terceira is an island belonging to the Azores; a nine island chain located in the mid-Atlantic. It is not known particularly as a tourist destination, nor is it written up very often as a place to be or be seen. It is a place that some people have never heard of, and it can't be found very easily on any world atlas, unless you pay real close attention. My eyes are drawn immediately to those nine islands. Whenever I see a map, or atlas, I must look for them. On some maps, they are only dots-unnoticeable, and unassuming, but to me they represent part of my world. These little specks mark my home away from home. It is the home of blue, white and purple hydrangea, black and white cows, rock walls, and green farmland, music, sweet wine, and the people I love.

I'm home now, and I'm happy to be back in California, the place of my birth. I missed my home and my day to day--I even missed doing my own housework. It's good to be back, but I miss the faces of the people I spent the last four weeks with. The tears shed at the airport are still fresh on my mind. Seeing the same tears streaming down the faces of my children as they said their goodbyes were bittersweet to me. They have their grandparents to thank, for they instilled in their children the importance of knowing these people we call family and the island. I have my parents to thank. Thank you for sharing your past with us so we can share Terceira to our children. For this I will be forever thankful.

I'm now feeling refreshed, with my luggage filled with souvenirs, and a heart full of new memories of the good times shared. I'll be back with the stories soon...

P.S. The month of August is for my cousin, Manny whose picture is posted under my blog title. He is pictured here with a lovely Portuguese mannequin who he met at Caneta - a lovely restaurant in Altares. He told me that he often reads my blog, and likes listening to my music I have on my Playlist. Apparently, he is one of my biggest fans - so, Manny - this one is for you!