Saturday, June 12, 2010

It's June---this month is going way too fast...

Rich and I at his nephew's graduation picnic in May.

I'm not going apologize for not writing an entry as quickly as I should, because that is all I seem to write about in each of my entries.. It's getting old! You know you have a problem when you actually FORGET your login password to Blogger, huh?

Well, it's official! School is out for all my children! Nicholas has graduated from Kindergarten and is officially a 1st grader since Thursday! Since this important milestone, Nicholas has had a few questions and concerns. Here are a few that he disclosed last night: "Mommy, now that I'm in the first grade, does that mean I have to get rid of any of my stuffed animals?" I assured him that no, he did not have to get rid of any of his toys, and that he could keep as many stuffed animals on his bed as long as he felt he could share his bed with them. Then, after tucking him in bed, he gave a look of deep concern, and with a sigh he said: "Mom, I just don't know what I want to be when I grow up. Do I need to decide soon?" I tried my best not to laugh, but reassured him that he had many years ahead of him to make that important decision. He responded this way: "Well, I guess I'll be a mail man." You heard it first folks---my son is going to be a mail carrier!

My older son Andrew has other inspirations. Now that he is out of school, his interests are mostly into his music. He has actually been approached by a local agency (we aren't talking major contracts or anything folks, but it's a start) who wants to produce his music, so now he is working on a demo CD with original soundtrack. His school work was taking a backseat to the music, but his lowest grade this semester was a C, so I'm pretty can't complain when your kid brings in a report card with 3.6 grade average, can you? So, yes I'm proud of my him. He is looking forward in performing in the Azores this summer...the legacy lives on. Of course my mother is claiming that he has her genes in the entertainer department.

I don't know if I ever mentioned this but my mom was quite the performer on stage in her village. When she was a teenager, a cousin of a relative of ours that was visiting from the States told her that if she was in the U.S. she would be the next Marilyn Monroe. When you are told this when you are 14 years old, it kind of stays with you, and of course she loved telling us this fact to her children while we were growing up, and my daughter Lizzy just thinks it's the most hilarious thing she has ever heard her grandma say. Lizzy loves to disclose this little tidbit of trivia to everyone, and of course my mother denies it all sometimes out of shyness. It is pretty funny to hear her deny it when we all have heard her say the story one million times before.

My mother is all packed and ready to go to the Azores. She has packed EVERYTHING and will only wear the clothes she has left in her closet. There are plenty of clothes in that closet along with dozens of shoes, so I think she'll be okay. She was in desperate search for a navy purse, and for the life of us, after dozens of sweeps to various stores, we could not find a navy purse. All the purses that looked navy to my mother were really black-we are convinced the lighting in the stores were the culprit. Well, she gave up her search for it, thinking she would never come across one. The other day, while Liz and I were shopping at JCPenny, out of the blue, what did we come across sitting there on a random pile of blue jeans, but a pretty, navy little cocktail purse complete with sequins! It was as though it was placed there by a higher power (Thank you Jesus) for us to find! My mother could not be more relieved! Purses have to match shoes--that's her rule. Now she can wear her navy heels with a matching purse! All is good in the world!

My daughter Lizzy has been enjoying her summer to the hilt so far since school break. She has already went to Disneyland with her friends, and now is looking forward to a cruise to Alaska with her boyfriend and his family. My, things look serious, huh? I don't think she has any serious plans, but she did disclose to me that she wants to plan a family in the future-a family of pets. She wants a teacup pig for a pet,as well as a dog (a pug) and a cat. She already has picked the names. She wants to call her pet pig BLT. Is that cruel or what? She has even found outfits to dress her pig online. I couldn't believe she was serious, but apparently, she is. OH well, what can you say? When she comes back from Alaska, we are leaving for the Azores. Me, the kids, and my mom. In July, my husband will be flying down for a week for the wedding of Tania and Ruben..

The month started with quite a boom.. We took Tania out for a bachelorette party--videos and pictures are on my Facebook page--we had a great time, and I think she forgave us later for blind folding her in the car once we got into San Francisco. We got some really funny looks from people we passed in the streets. It looked like we were kidnapping her...too funny.

As for me, work has been keeping me busy--too busy. We are getting a new case management computer system and guess who was selected as one of the "trainers". Lovely. I'm not as computer savvy as people may think. I know the system I work on right now quite well--mostly because I've been working on the same system for the past 22 years. Yes, I've been working for county government for 22 years! I started in 1988 when I was prego with my daughter. Three more years...three more years... Then it's FINI! Until then, my work is going to make sure I won't leave for vacation until I'm thoroughly exhausted. That's okay. By the time I get back from vacation, someone will have to train me. I honestly don't know how much I will be able to retain after being away for a month, but I will try not to worry about it.

Well, that is your update for the week--will try and get back to you soon!