Wednesday, December 3, 2008

December, Already?! Bad Boy George & Terra do Bravo!

Okay, I think I'm officially OLD. Like my father used to say, when you get older, the years just fly by, and he was right. I cannot believe it's already December. Thanksgiving caught be off guard, and in about 3 weeks it will be Christmas. Wheeww...

Have you put up your Christmas tree yet?

I haven't. I'm hoping to do it on the weekend.

Have you sent out your Christmas cards yet?

I haven't. I still have to take that photo that the kids just "LOVE" to participate in. You know the photo where I ask all the children of the house to dress decently and pose? When I say "ask" it usually involves begging. I have to beg for the kids to stop for 10 minutes from their "busy" schedules so I can take a picture of them before Father Time comes around and they leave the nest. Perhaps this year I and Rich will be in the picture..we shall see.

Are you done with your Christmas shopping?

I haven't, but I put in a big dent into it---it will happen--hopefully soon.

Santa has already granted my Christmas wish: New reclining couch and loveseat! Yay!! I love Santa! Now Rich won't have to use my son's old rocking horse as a foot stool, and I can fill the other half of my front room. I'm happy---hopefully it will get here soon so I can figure out where we are going to put the tree...

I haven't written in here for what it seems ages. My Avon selling this month has been pretty busy, and I've recruited two people to sell. It's a lot of work. They are both smart ladies and I'm sure they will get the hang of it, but it takes a lot of my time. This is the best time to start selling with the Christmas season. I wish I had made more SSS gift bags-but I don't think I have the time to make anymore---I'm just too busy!! Oh, here is where I insert my shameless plug:

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Well, according to the news I heard in the radio, I won't be seeing Boy George in concert anytime soon, or probably in my lifetime. To make it short, he actually confessed to kidnapping, and chained a guy to his wall because he thought the guy "hacked" his computer. Gee...that's a GREAT reason to kidnap. Sooo disappointing!!! He may go to prison for this. Boy George is a VERY BAD BOY. Sigh.... The picture above comes from a more gentle and simplier time. I am dressed as Boy and my friends are dressed in disguise. I will just have to remember those innocent years when I used to write my fan mail inviting him over for tea. Sigh..

Well, like usual, my plate is full for the day. I got to go and do stuff----

I got some exciting news yesterday--my cousin who lives in Lisbon was offered a movie deal. He wrote a novel a while back about his childhood in the Azores, and he was approached my a director who wants to make it into a movie. Very exciting... They want to film it onsite on the island!! So surreal, but yet so great!

Yep, that's written by my cousin, Carlos Enes.... (Yep, I'm feeling pretty proud.)


lisa jo said...

yes my tree is up....95% of my presents are bought and my cards already mailed. I gotta have a better 12/25 than last year. Congrats on the new furniture and also to your cousin. I did not hear that about Boy George. WHAT A MESS!
You look so cute in that BG pic. XO

LYN said...



Winivere said...

You are not following my current blog. Please revisit & correct. Nothing Xmas-y here. LOL. You are way ahea* of me.

Julie said...

I know your very disappointed in Boy George, shame on him. I have half my tree put up. We had to go get more lights. Cards, half written, shopping, 1/4th done. Sigh. Shopping used to be easier and cheaper. Exciting about your cousin.

ELLIE said...

CONGRATS TO YOUR COUSIN - how exciting is that!!!
Boy George will not like prison - that is so sad!
We put up a 4 foot tree this year - I like it - but not much else in decorating!!
Just not in the mood really - no gifts this year - no money!
hope your week is wonderful

P. C. said...

não sabia que havia um director interessado em fazer um filme sobre o livro do Carlos. Espero que dê certo! A Vilanova ainda vai entrar no mapa do cinema :)

ps: acho que a tua tia Aidinha ia ficar muito nervosa se fosse a estrela.

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