Thursday, December 11, 2008

Every morning I go next door to the gas station to get my morning coffee. I stopped going for there awhile because of the creepy guy that used to work at the register. We called him Slimy Steve. Slimy Steve brushed his teeth and picked his dirty nails with a knife over the cash register. He also made really rude and inappropriate comments to his customers, including me and my supervisor, and a number of other females in the building. When I was pregnant, I stopped going there during the last months of my pregnancy, and one day afterwards he asked me why I didn’t come by during that time. He asked me, “Were you leaking or something?” After that comment, I chose never to go next door again, until I learned that they changed his shift next door and replaced him with another cashier in the mornings.

Now I go there because of the new girl. She is nice, but really has dirty hands all the time. I don’t know if it’s because she is working with money all the time at the register (after working in retail for awhile handling money, I must say that money is DIRTY). She doesn’t pick her fingernails with a knife or anything (thank God) like Steve so this is good. I try not to think about it too much when I get my coffee. Poor girl though deals with a lot of weird and strange people at times. This particular gas station is the nearest one to the county jail. Sometimes this gas station is the first place people visit after being released from jail. You’ll see them lurking about with their jail issued paper bag filled with their belongings they were booked in with. She has a lot of stories, and a lot of gas station trivia. Here are a few fun gas facts I’ve learned today!

I asked her today how many times people drive away from the gas station with the pump still in their tank. Surprisingly, it happens quite often-with men and women-in fact it happens most of the time with men. The big difference is men are “runners”-they will speed off and just leave the pump sitting on the ground. Women stop. Now, we all know we are the more responsible sex-right? Sure, but get this: the old gas pumps generally can get fixed by an employee at the station, but with the new pumps they can’t, and you’ll be charged at least $500 on damages. Now, I’m not suggesting we women take example from the men and run off, but just wanted to put that out there. I’ve never had it happen to me fortunately. There are stations that have cameras out there at the pumps who will take pictures of your license plates, so my recommendation is to make sure to put the pump back out of your tank, or be ready to shell out some major cash! So, with the holiday rush, and all the driving over the hill to Grandma’s house we go, remember, at the gas station, remember to take that nozzle out of your tank!


LYN said...

gas staion clerks seem to be a breed of their own..ours is a total letch who gives my daughter free drinks every single morning... she doesn't care...LOL the other day I was with her and he asked does your mum want one and I said WTH?? got me a free diet dew...

Missie said...

I'm a little OCD when it comes to gas stations. I don't like to go into them at all because I feel they're so dirty! LOL

Hope you're having a good night.

lisa jo said...

Rick left the pump in his tank 2 yrs ago and caused big damage but did not have to pay. he stopped also.
That AH asked you if you were leaking? I would have wanted to report him. Sicko. i bet he is a damn pervert. You always have the BEST stories! XO

Winivere said...

LOL @ you must be attracted to dirt? Try dusting instead.
Winivere =.)

Jimmy's Journal said...

It's a rare breed that work in those sleezy stations, It seems the newer the station, the better class of attendant. Some of the workers in the older, out of the way stations seem to come right out of "Deliverance."


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