Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thursday Ramblings...

I'm still in the process of working on this blogger site. I don't know if I'm entirely happy with what I have so far... I came across the picture when trying to "decorate" my new digs, and it strikes me so funny. This was taken last summer when we were vacationing in the Azores. It was taken at my mom's cousin's house. I can't get over how the kids look. Weird how much a difference a year makes; my daughter looks basically the same, truly annoyed as ever, and look at my son Andrew's hair! He is sporting quite a different "do" nowadays. Can you see Nicholas hiding behind him? He was not very happy. Firecrackers were being set off, and he did not like the sound of them . The other young man at the door was Andrew's pal who was also visiting from California. Unfortunately, he left only a week after they had met, which was a shame because they really got along well. They still keep in touch in care of Myspace. So many of my summers were spent at that very street window when I was a teenager. Sigh.... Seems like yesterday when I was the age of my children.

It's October, and in another month, Nicholas will be turning the big 5. He is enjoying kindergarten very, very much. Everyday, I hear: "Today was a good day! I had fun in school!"

I'll be volunteering in his class one day a month. Unfortunately, it's the only time I can volunteer...unlike some of the mothers. Oh well. I'll be volunteering on Halloween, so that shall be fun. I'll get to re-live Halloween again at my old school-may be even run into my kindergarten teacher, who by the way looks terrific. She is blonde now, sporting a very trendy, spikey hair do, and still wears 3 inch heels. You can't tell she is pushing 70--no way. We can only hope to look that good.

I have yet to save my blogs. Will try and do this now..


Indigo said...

I think all our daughters look annoyed at that age (winks). I loved that picture of the kids. I miss seeing the holidays like Halloween through the eyes of a child. I think you'll have a blast with Nicholas at his school. (Hugs)Indigo

gdireneoe said...

Hi! Thanks for sharing your new home! Gorgeous babies there, Ma'am! Too sweet on the little guy... The of my dream destinations...:::sigh:::...;) C.

Missie said...

I think your new blog is looking great! Enjoy your weekend.

lisa jo said...

I remember that photo from last year....your kids are gorgeous, like you. I love how you have decorated your new blog!

Winivere said...

Your daughter is beautiful... probably like her mama. (smile) Would like to see a pic of that 70year old woman w spiked hair & 3inch heels! LOL
Love XX,

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