Friday, October 10, 2008



Today I got a surprise visit from Lolly.

All I can say is THANK GOD he didn't make his surprise visit yesterday!! Can you imagine how awful it would have been if he should walk in to see cupcakes and lollipops celebrating his departure?! Wheeww.. Thank you Jesus!

I am very happy to report that the women's bathrooms are now working. The carpet however, still looks pretty stained, and it smells, but the toilets are flushing!! The lease is up in a year, and we are all hoping that will be moving out of here soon. Apparently the owners of the building are wise enough to know that fixing this building would be a waste of money, and they are planning on tearing down the place and build a new one. In other words, you can never fix a turd well enough, so might as well start anew!

Speaking of Anew, I got some good news from the church yesterday. I have been approved to set up my Avon information booth. My sister in-law is going to be driving up and sit with me for awhile to help me get situated with it all. I have never set up a booth, and she thinks that I will do very well and sign up new representatives.. That would be nice, but we shall see. I'll be able to give out a lot of brochures, and hopefully make some sales. It's TWO whole days though.. Eeek.. Poor Rich will have to watch Nicholas all that weekend..oh well, he can do it.

It's finally Friday..and this is a good thing. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


lisa jo said...

good luck on your Avon sales!! You could have asked Lolly if he wanted a I do hope they move all of you and get you a place that is not a nightmare. XO

Jimmy's Journal said...

Hi - I've been meaning to ask, do you speak spanish as well? I speak fluent Spanish and a tad of Portugese (although I understand it pretty well).


Missie said...

You will do very well having an Avon stand! Enjoy your weekend.

Sherry said...

it was great reading about your aunt mary and I think you will do a great job on the booth

Julia said...

Poor Lolly, he would have been shocked, LOL. Hope you do get a new clean shiny building.

ELLIE said...

Well I am glad you got to celebrate Lolly before the surprise visit - LOL
What a great opportunity for you to set up a booth for your avon - you never know where it may lead - good luck girlfriend - I think that is very exciting!
Have a beautiful weekend!

Dawn said...

I am here... I am catching up! Whew... hugs!

be well...

Christopher said...


~ Christopher ~

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