Wednesday, October 15, 2008, I'm not a song writer, and I'm not 111 years old..

Hello! Happy Wednesday!

I realized today that my hometown page on AOL for my grandfather was going to be deleted along with all the Jland hoopla, so I quickly copied and pasted the page on to Blogger... I edited the profile to fit his information, not knowing that it would change my profile... For a moment there my picture changed, and I was 111 year old song writer. It was kind of amusing. Yes, my grandfather, "Choico Roico" if he were alive would have been 111 years old; 112 years in December. He was born in 1896. Sadly, he died very young in life when my mother was only an infant, so we really never knew him. Feel free to visit this blog--now I have 3 on here. I still have to "fix it" but it will be fun to do later..

The picture of my icon is old.. I'm at work and I don't have any pictures of me..imagine that. It was taken when I was single, and moved back at my parent's home. must be over 6, or 7 years old. Aww..what the hay, I look basically the same.

Speaking of old pictures, take a look at this one:

This picture is for you, Manny! Your daughter told me you had fun reading the story about our Tia Mariquinhas, but did you leave a comment?! NOoooooo!!! Why didn't you?!

Yes, that's a picture of my cousin, Manny. Don't let the picture fool you. He is one cool dude!

Here is another picture from the past:

The quality of this picture is really bad....mostly because it's an old polaroid copy. Summer 1979: Do you see me? I'm at the bottom row with the hair on the far left, then my cousins Adelaide, Joe, and Avo (Grandfather) Machado. 2nd row, left: Uncle Manny, cousin Francisco Alberto (Tia Rosinha's son), my brother Eddy, my sister Joanne, and Mr. Cool Dude, Manny. Top Row: Lovely ladies starting on the left, Tia Aida, (my mom's sister, Prima Fatima & my mom, Annihas.


Anyway, it's official. My son Nicholas will be a chicken for Halloween. We tried on his costume, and the costume still fits. It's a little tight under the arms, but Nicholas is determined to be a chicken. I am volunteering that day in his kindergarten class, and I'm comtemplating if I should dress up as well. If only I had a chicken costume for myself, huh? I could be a hen with her baby chick. I just can't imagine myself driving in that kind of costume, although I think it would be fun. Does anyone out there have a women's size chicken costume I could borrow?

One thing I did not mention in my entry about Tia Mariquinhas was her love for her chickens. She loved them-they were her favorite pets. I also had a pet chicken-her name was Jenny. A relative brought it to our house one summer so we would have fresh eggs. She was a beautiful, brown hen.. Sadly, I couldn't take her on the plane with me, so I had to give it to my Aunt Aida. Apparently she was very tasty as well.


Dawn said...

Love the pictures! You know... you should use a picture from your visit to the Azores! You had some great ones that you could crop and use for your profile picture! :-)

Manny looks very cool... and he had better start to comment!

be well...

Indigo said...

Loved this jaunt with you down memory lane. The pictures are priceless. (Hugs)Indigo

Lori said...

Oh no! They ate Jenny?? lol
I loved the old pictures, and I'm so glad you save your grandfather's profile.

Sherry said...

I love the pictures you are so cute as a little girl, ahh the 70's I was barely a wee one lol
have a great day sweety

ELLIE said...

love the pics of family - how very cool - when I would visit relatives in puerto rico (I would always visit for at least a month)they always bought me a little chick as a pet - loved it - had so much fun but of course i had to leave the chick there when i left - of course my grandmother could not wait to tell me how delicious it was - UGH!!!
have a great friday!!

Julia said...

I used to have chickens also, miss them. Love the pictures.

lisa jo said...

a pet chicken.
You are a very pretty woman....i think i have seen that group pic before. I know Nicholas will be the cutest chicken on the block. XO

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