Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cupcakes & Lollipops!

It’s another beautiful day at my office, run down, old pipe plumbing, ghetto building..

Well, at least there are plenty of lollipops and cupcakes! Today is a day of much celebrating here in my office. I’ve got cupcakes and lollipops for no particular reason, of course. If you have been following along, you will know about that Lolly has finally left the building. Some of my co-workers got together at the office, bringing their Lollipop Guild dolls (from McD’s), and feasted on cupcakes and lollipops. I’ve been offering cupcakes to people who visit my office, but I haven’t sent out an email announcing my celebration. It might not make good office politics if some one should know that I threw a “cupcake party” after a certain someone left the building. So, when people ask, I just say “just because.”

Lolly left at a good time. The women’s bathrooms have not been working since yesterday morning. Yesterday, all three toilets over flowed into the office hallway in front of women’s and men’s bathrooms, and crept into one of the other offices. Lovely. I went in there, and innocently used the only toilet that seemed to be working, did my business, and flushed. It was not a good flush---the water did not go down, and I literally ran out of the bathroom to inform all women in the building to stay away. Today, the women’s bathroom is closed off entirely. We women have to either use the toilet at the gas station next door, or use the men’s bathroom with a chaperone, or go across the street into the main county building. No choice is very appealing.

The bathroom next door at the gas station is dirty, and also known to be a bathroom that is frequented often by people just getting out of jail. It’s also known to be a rendez vous area for “couples” who want to get down and dirty. Usually couples who just got out of jail and need some “love” if you know what I mean. Going into the men’s room with a chaperone is just plain wrong—I have no desire to see the urinals where my male co-workers use. Eww. To cross the street, if can either decide to risk your life and jay walk to dodge approaching cars, or you have to walk up the street and use the cross walk. If you need to go to the bathroom in a real bad way, this is not very practical. Worse case scenario, there are trees and some random bushes spread around on the way, where you can possibly relieve yourself, but who wants to do that? Men could probably pull it off, but us women, no way. Not to mention the sheriff’s office is right there, and you can be cited for public urination to boot.

I just consumed a rather large drink, and now I’m faced with the dilmena. I plan to dodge traffic and jay walk across the street. Anyone got a box of Depends on them?


lisa jo said...

as usual, you are hilarious....seriously, whoever runs your building legally should have to keep the dumb toilets running too!!!!!!

Justplainbill said...

Julie, very funny. Enjoy lolly day. Bill

Michelle said...

LOL Julie!!

I hope they fix those bathrooms fast!!!

Becareful crossing the street!

Sherry said...

congratulations on the lolly being gone lol and I would party too sorry to here about the restroom issues

Joann said...

What a great idea you had for a Lolly party... LOL!!! Sure hope they fix those bathrooms fast!!! Please DON'T use the bushes!! LOL!!


ELLIE said...

OMG - when are they ever going to fix the bathrooms -
that has been going on forever!!
enjoy the lolly
take care

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