Monday, October 27, 2008

Personalized License Plates can Spell Trouble..& Poison Soup

The other day, I was driving to work one busy morning, and almost fell victim of what could have been a very bad accident on the highway. The reason? A personalized license plate that read:

Let's just say it caught a lot of people's attention. I guess that was the reaction the driver wanted. The driver was a woman as far as I could tell--I didn't get the view that the driver in front of me got apparently. makes you wonder.

A lot of people have personalized license plates nowadays---some are very cute and clever, and others are too hard to decipher what they are trying to say--it's like, why did you even bother, buddy. They are pretty much distracting sometimes.

Driving is distracting enough already. With people texting and talking on the phone, I've seen cars swerve off their lane, and go through stop signs. I've seen people get rear-ended right in front of me because some idiot wanted to get a better view of the blonde driving the white convertible. I must confess it was really hilarious to see the idiot get into the accident, because it made him look like a total dufus, but I felt sorry for the guy he rear ended. Of course the poor blonde had no idea she was causing such a stir, and probably laughed and drove off on her merry way.

Saturday I was shopping at the mall, and I noticed a car parked there in the lot with a license plate holder that read: "My other drive is your husband." Lovely. That is so wrong in so many levels. What kind a woman would choose something like this? Did she really want that attention from angry wives, and desperate men? Weird. Believe me, I've seen worse, but how crude. I confess, I wish I could see the woman who drove the car in person. I'm curious now on what someone like that would look like. I'm sure the person thinks it's funny-eww.

When I was single.. I repeat, when I was single I had a personalized license plate holder that read: "Romeo, Romeo where art thou?" I thought it was cute, and a little jaded. My name is Julie, and I was newly divorced. I bought it because I thought it was cute, not because I wanted attention necesarily from men. Every now and then however, I would get a few men get my attention to say their names were in fact, "Romeo". Yeah...right.. I of course never believed them. Well, when my Taurus wagon was leaking oil, and I had to trade it in for another car, the license plate went with it, and I decided to just keep it on the car. I had no regrets however because by that time I had already met my NOW husband, and although his name wasn't Romeo, it didn't matter. I found him.

This weekend just sped by like a blur...

My son came home from his religious education retreat and it was better than he had expected, and that is good. I spent the whole weekend hoping not to get that phone call: "Mrs. Langley, can you please come up here and pick up your unruly son." Nope, I didn't get the call. (Thank you, God.)

My mother came over on Friday night, and Tania and I had a little tea party with her. It was interesting. I learned more about the plight of Tia Mariquinhas, and CSI crime in the Azores, and more scandal. It was very interesting and educational. I learned that Tia Mariquinhas did indeed grant her a husband a divorce so he could marry her first cousin in California. Poor Tia Mariquinhas. I know this sounds terrible, but this husband of hers and her cousin, although they did get married and were considered wealthy, they did not enjoy a good life. Their lives were childless, and very unhealthy. Oh well, what goes around, comes around, huh? Divorce was unheard of in the 1920's and 30's over there. That is the number 1 reason why women would sometimes poison their husband's soup!

Saturday was a day of shopping with mother and a birthday at my brother's, and Sunday was a potluck at the church, and the arrival of my so from his retreat. By the time I got home, all I wanted to do was sit on the couch and pass out in front of the T.V., and that is what I did. I'm way behind on my reading of journals. I promise to get to them soon..

It's Monday.. BLAH BLAH BLAH...


lisa jo said...

glad you updated....i had a bumper sticker only once when i was 18 and it said "Gee, Toto, i don't think we are in Kansas anymore". It went with the car when the car went.
I am glad your son did well and you had a good weekend with your mom! XOXO

Justplainbill said...

julie, funny as usual. Loved the license plate scene.
Sounda like you had a busy and nice day. Have a good week, Bill

Dawn said...

LOL about the license plate thing. I agree...people can be too crass with them sometimes! Glad Andrew's retreat went well and no calls! LOL

be well...

~Gem~ said...

Hi Julie,
gosh, I finally made it here at Blogger world...finished moving from there to here, glad I didn't lose my aol journals. been moving, following, and right now my eyes are drooping.
I've followed as many as I can, I think I'll continue tomorrow.
I'm glad to find you.
Gem :-)

ELLIE said...

girl you wore me out just telling me everything you all did - LOL...glad your son had a good time - the license plate thing had me laughing - I just never looked at it the way you do - I just laugh at things like that - I could not be bothered with the tags on people's cars - now I will have to pay more attention and see what I can see - LOL
I hope your week is wonderful!!

LYN said...

i hate it when i am behind one of those license plates that are in "code" as in OU812..if they drive off before i've figured it out it drives me nuts..LOL

Joann said...

I'm a license plate (and frame) reading fanatic!! But mine is just the factory one that came with the car... what's with that!! I need to get one, too!! I wonder if that "Romeo.." one will do anything for me!?? LOL!!


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