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A Call From Jesus

A Call From Jesus10:07 a.m. 2002-01-28 (Older post from an old journal.)

February, 1999

It had been a horrible week. Money was tight, my exhusband was threatening to leave the state and pay "what he wanted" for child support, and bills were not being paid. To make matters worse, my phone was not working. People could call in, but the phone would not ring...I wasn't able to call out either. Lovely. The phone company told me that they wouldn't be able to repair my phone line until the following Monday. It was Wednesday night. I would have to live like this for almost another week, and check for messages when I got to work.

I decided that since it was out of my hands at this point, I should just escape for a bit and take a nice long hot bath. The kids were in the living room watching TV so I wouldn't be bothered. I just sat there, watching the running water fill up my bath tub to the rim. A bath always made me feel better, and I could cry in my bath tub and no one could see me or hear me. It was my private place.

I sat there and wondered about all the problems going on in my life. And then it came again...more tears. I felt hopeless at this point. I wondered how it got to this level. I hated feeling this way...not in control of my life. I mean, the reason why I left such an horrid marriage was because I was not in control, and here I was, still not in control of anything. It was 6:45 pm...and there I was in the bathtub for what I think was a hour or so. I found myself praying to God for some answers. I decided to just give them all to him...because, I was getting sick of doing this all alone. I resolved to myself, as soon as I got out of this tub, things were going to get better. Let God deal with it now..I'm really geting sick of all this crap. The water got cold, and my son was knocking on the bathroom door. I got out of the tub, and went to bed early that night.

The morning came, and soon enough, I was back at work again. I went to check my messages from the night before. There was only one message. I listened to it...replayed it....listened to it, replayed it... Who was this I thought? He can't be saying that!?

The caller did not say who he was. If it was a telemarketer or a bill collector, he didn't tell me who he was calling for. At 6:50 pm, he left this message on my phone:

"Good evening Julie. God bless you, Jesus loves you."

I did not recognize the voice. He didn't have an accent of any kind. The background noise sounded muffled. I couldn't imagine any telemarketer who would be so kind as to leave a message like that one. Suddenly I realized the time that he had called; it was at the same time I was in my bath tub. As soon as I made that connection, I laughed, almost in tears again.

It was then that I excitedly let some of my coworkers listen to my special message. It was one of those "Time Zone" moments to say the least...a call that I would basically never forget. could have been ANYONE who left that message. It well of could have been a guy trying to sell newspapers subscriptions over the phone. It really didn't matter. Whoever it was, I feel it was a message...a message that I really wanted and needed to hear at the point of my life. I will always be grateful for that call, and to the person who made it...whoever it was--doesn't matter.

God works in mysterious ways...he has a sense of humor too.

The next day I got another call. My coworker, Glenda called me up and left a message. In a pretend, deep sultry voice, it said..."Hi Julie baby, this is Elvis, and I love you too." Jesus AND Elvis in one'm a lucky girl!


Dawn said...

Wow... that is an awesome story. Coincidence or miracle - totally awesome either way.

be well...

Missie said...

Awesome entry!

Justplainbill said...

Julie, WOW! You have been contacted and blessed. {{{HUG}}}
Hope things are coming around for you, Bill

ELLIE said...

what a beautiful story - thanks for sharing it - I really liked it!!!

Indigo said...

Thanks for sharing this hon. It's one of those feel good stories that keep the human spirit alive. (Hugs)Indigo

~Gem~ said...

the last paragraph cracked me up.
but I do believe that God send messages one way or another to calm our fears by letting us know he hears us...he left you a message.

oh I have a story of my own, two actually that had something to do with him.
I'd tell my story here but...
Elvis and! :-D

Joann said...

This is apparently an old entry that I'm commenting on now, but what an amazing entry!!! I believe it was Jesus, right when you needed Him, why not?? He's totally capable, and He'd definitely want you to know that He loves you, right??! Why not Him? = )


a corgi said...

Joann led me to this entry; what a neat testimony on how much Jesus loves you and wanted you to remember that, even in the roughest of times


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