Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Same Merda, Different Place

Hello -

Since the evil AOL Blogger Gods have kicked me out of their domain, I will now make Blogger my new home.

It ain't all that bad...

Change is good...

Time to start all over again - clean slate.
To all my Jland friends, the above graphic is for you. I'll still be around..

Life is good. Keep saying that, even if sometimes you don't believe it.


Repeat, take deep breath

Repeat again...

This will be a very short entry. I'm tired. Nicholas threw up his spaghetti dinner, and between that, getting him in the tub, cleaning the kitchen floor, doing laundry...etc.. My back hurts, and I'm ready to fall into bed.

I here Friday is coming.. It won't come soon enough--it's been a long week...


ELLIE said...

Good to see you girlfriend - I have missed hearing from ya - I also have a new blogger address - I have not written in it yet because I am trying to figure out exactly what I want to do but here is the url
so please click on follow me so we stay in your new "place"
take care

Missie said...

I found you! LOL

Michelle said...

Glad you made it over lol.

You page looks nice.

Hope Nicholas feels better fast!



Indigo said...

Whoo Hoo! Your here! Delighted to see you on this side of the blogsphere dear friend. (Hugs)Indigo

lisa jo said...

it is a GOOD day when i see my buddy Julie with her new blog! WOO HOO!
Wow, spaghetti barf is GROSS! XOXO

Jan said...

Hi Julie Igot here ,dont know how lol .anyhow good luck with your new blog spot Jan xx

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