Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm Wearing My Granny Underwear Today!

Okay, that might be a little too much personal information to reveal, but I don't care..

This morning, when getting dressed, in the mirror I saw those dreaded panty lines! You ladies know what I'm talking about..those lines that can be seen under more clingly polyester/cotton clothing. Well, I went through my underwear drawer, when low and below I found a pair of those up to the waist nylon granny underwear my mom bought me like years ago, and you know what? After putting them on, those panty lines vanished! It was very magical, and very comfortable I must add.

Okay, they aren't very pretty...but hell, I don't care. NO one is going to see it but me, and hopefully I won't get into an accident, and have it discovered by a non-suspecting doctor my granny underwear. Would it be better if it was thong? No, I don't think so. Whoever invented those should be shot.

I bet you anything it was invented by a man.


Missie said...

I'll wear granny underwear any day as long as I don't have to wear thongs.

Stuart said...

I hope not as they look very very very silly

Jan said...

Thongs must be the most unglamourous uncomfortable knickers ,any way they dont hold many saggy bits in, do they ? hee hee Jan xx

ELLIE said...

lol...yes thongs were created by a man - lol
you are too funny~!~

Coco said...

love this blog ;)
i was happily wearing my "granny panties" until one day my hubby called me out for each and every one of them lol so i said well you go buy me some that you like and i'll try them... victorias secret is now my fav place to shop.
i'm just saying ;))

Dawn said...

Yep... definitely a man... lol

be well...

ps... granny pants wearers unite!

lisa jo said...

i have never worn a thong. Big fat women would just call thongs "butt floss". You are so funny. XO

Jimmy's Journal said...

I think that a photography booth, like the ones in the old days that were four for $____?, should be put in the dressing rooms to photograph the particular buyer's derriere when they try them on.

If they hear a beep, beep, beep and see a picture of a garbage truck backing up, my suggestion is they purchase a more modest under garment. This, along with the new obligatory and uniquely placed tattoo right above the thong, are two of the worst ideas in history.


Toon said...

It's okay to wear granny underwear as long as you FEEL thongish! lol


Indigo said...

Ok, Russ takes the cake for his comment. Thanks for the smile hon. I tend to wear something similiar to sportswear undies. It's not boxers, but it's similiar and made for woman. And oh so comfortable, cool looking as I don't get caught with the Grannies. I will admit to have a few in my drawer though...Some days you just can't worry about what's underneath. (Hugs)Indigo

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