Saturday, July 4, 2009

I woke up with a whitehead on the tip of my nose...

Isn't that annoying? You wake up after a restful night's sleep, go into the bathroom, look in the mirror, and behold...a little whitehead on the tip of your nose! How did that get there?! Damn. You would think that once you start getting grey hair, pimples cease to appear, but apparently not. I popped it, it's gone... My husband is thinking of getting a buzz cut, thinking that possibly his hair will grow in thicker, and possibly grow in darker. I am totally against a buzz! What ifhis hair doesn't grow back!? I suggested he should color his hair, but he is totally against that. He doesn't do hair color or sandals. According to him, real men go grey, and don't show off their toes.

I am so behind in posting and reading blog entries..

We got back from the desert on Sunday, and it took me a few days to "recover". It was nice to get away for awile, but the desert is just too hot for us. We were in Laughlin, Nevada-about 45 minutes from Las Vegas. It's a cute little casino town, right next to the Colorado River, but the Casinos are not connected, and it was around 110 outside. We stayed at a nicer hotel, but the pool was much too small, and it was too crowded with kids, and younger adults drinking alcoholic beverages... Friday, the pool was fine, but by Saturday-t was not a pleasant experience. I took Nicholas in the pool, and within 15 minutes, he threw up his chocolate ice cream cone. Eww.. Okay, we cleared the pool for a few minutes, and we left the area, but it didn't keep the people away. There were mounds of people that didn't mind jumping in and swimming again. Nicholas was not amused. I convinced him that the pool was too dirty of vomit and pee pee, so he forgot about it quickly.

Taken from the "River Walk", Laughlin Nevada, overlooking the Colorado River. A lot of jet skiing, and motor boats--look at the rock formations..

We did do some shopping at the outlet mall across the street, and it was nice to see Rich's parents again and his uncle and aunt, and his step-sister Janet and a few other people, but we weren't able to spend too much time with them-they were mostly off gambling and my in-laws were hosting, so we couldn't really stay with them with the kids. The boys were content in staying in their air-conditioned room, and Liz and I went shopping. She almost bought a pair of red pants in honor of MJ, but bought a pair of blue ones instead. Her boyfriend has offered to drive up to L.A. with her on Tuesday to go to his funeral by the way...

Breakfast with the Wagner Family Reunion

No tax in Nevada by the way... While we were ringing up a purchase, the young cashier noticed that we were from the bay area, and said, "Wow, I used to live in the North Bay!" I asked him how survived this kind of weather. He responded that he was very hard. He had to completely buy a whole new wardrobe for "desert living".

Nicholas after a walk to the mall...

Nicholas having fun with Aunt Janet at the arcade...

We escaped the heat for awhile and went to see UP at the movie theatre. It was a cute, funny but bittersweet kind of movie. If you are a dog lover, you definitely have to see it!

Okay, I have another entry to work on...this is what I get for not blogging like I should!


Julie said...

Once my husband cut his hair the gray really showed up, tell him not to cut it expecting the gray to disappear, LOL. Looks like you all had fun.

Lisa said...

we saw UP and loved it and i said the it is totally not a kid ex wears those open toed sandals that most call Jesus sandals and his toe nails are 10 inches long....i think he climbs trees for a hobby and uses only his toes.

Rick loves for me to shave him bald....bald men are gorgeous..and now 94.6% of his hair is all coming in gray--sexy! Loved the mom lives in a retirement community in AZ and LOVES to go to Laughlin....sorry to hear it was so hot...i hate sticky hot weather. I hope Liz does go to the Staples Center Tues. I would if i could.