Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Drama At The Pool

It’s Wednesday!

So far it’s been kind of a busy summer! Nicholas is now out of summer school, so now I actually can enjoy a whole hour lunch without rushing around back and forth. Now I can take a breather until school starts again next month. It’s kind of sad that school starts so soon already. Andrew starts back up on August 17th, and Nick starts again on the 26th. Why can’t school start AFTER Labor Day like when I was a kid? Of course, when I was a kid, we didn’t have mini days every week, or teacher work days where the kids don’t have school like they have now.

Nicholas still has his swimming lessons twice a week and is really enjoying it. It’s fun to watch him floating around, getting all excited about blowing bubbles, but lately there has been quite a bit of drama at the pool.

In front of the pool there is a “splash pad” where the kids can go and run through the sprinklers and stuff after their lessons are before their lessons. It’s now closed. Okay, I’m a little more pleased than my son is about it mainly because it was always such a pain in the butt to get him out of there to go home. But, there is one person in particular that I know of that complained about it—and I think she made a point of complaining on her cell phone in front of ME.

The reason why I think she was directing her complaint towards me was because a few days previous, Nicholas was not listening to me, and made a big fuss to not leave when I asked him to leave. It was the day when I actually had to go to the splash pad and run after him to get his little butt in the car to go home.

Well anyway, I’m sitting there on the bench watching Nicholas playing in the splash pad after his lesson with other kids, and here is this mother with her designer sunglasses sitting right next to me. I was a little surprised that she sat so close. If you saw us you would think she was a relative or a close friend who stopped to chat with me. She sat a little too close for comfort---if you know what I mean. Well anyway, she gets on her cell phone and talks away to her what I’m guessing was her significant other complaining and whining. Her major complaint was:

“Oh and there are kids playing in the splash pad right now. They have been in there for over 10 minutes! When Sara finishes her lesson she is only allowed to be in there for like, 30 seconds! It’s just not fair!”


“Oh, and I don’t know if I’m going to continue with lessons here because they won’t even let the parents sit near to watch, and we have to sit by this splash pad, and it’s too noisy, and the kids are so disruptive!”

Then she gets off the phone, and calls the swimming school directly and leaves a message to have them call her back because she has a complaint.

Of course everyone can hear her talk away complaining and whining, and suddenly we mothers who have been watching our “disruptive children” get up as if in unison with out towels telling the kids to get out. Luckily, Nicholas got out without argument.

At the next lesson, the splash pad was turned off. Nicholas asked again why the splash pad was turned off, and he got the same explanation about some of the parents complaining about it.

Yesterday, the splash pool was still turned off, and I noticed the whining complaining woman who had complained on her cell phone about it being “so disruptive and so unfair” had just walked in. I thought she would be pleased to see it turned off, but apparently, that wasn’t the case. She actually let her daughter go in and turn in on. I guess she felt her daughter wouldn’t be disruptive. Then hell broke loose.

One of the teachers called out to her daughter that she couldn’t play there, and it was closed. Of course the girl’s mother took offense and told the teacher to: “Do not yell at my daughter!”

Oh brother!

The teacher did not yell---she merely said it loud enough so the little girl could hear her from the pool, and she certainly wasn’t rude at all.

Well I and Nicholas quickly left the scene—it was getting tense. I had to laugh. I’m sorry. This lady was full of bull crap. First she complains about it being on, and then she wants it on for HER DAUGHTER. Right!! I hope she saw me laugh too.


Anonymous said...

See, that would be when Mary turned to Mz Sunglasses and said: DON'T BE A PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE BITCH. If you want to suggest something about my kid's behavior to me, say it TO ME.

Missie said...

Drama at the pool? You'd think at least at the pool you could relax!

I wouldn't like not being able to watch my kids during their lessons either.

Have a good night.

Cathy said...

O hun, don't waste time on this one, it wont change anything and besides, it's in the nature of certain beasts so live and let live? Hey there's nothing more beautiful to me than a laughing soaking wet kid splashing in a pool, annoying all the adults, just being free and alive. Let the sourpuss lady get another hobby, don't fall into that sewer. But isn't it great to have a place to bitch about things lol? Stay cool.

Joann said...

Boy, Cathy said it all so perfectly!! Ditto what she said!! LOL!!

Mz Sunglasses needs to realize it's a place for kids to play, and I think I really feel sorry for her daughter if she's not allowed to be a kid for more than 30 seconds!!

Lisa said...

why leave? Hell, i would pay Nicholas at least $10 to knock that snotty ass bitch AND her cell straight into the pool.

LYN said...

get a life lady!
they are KIDS!!!!!!!

hope you enjoy your "forced" day off today !!