Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hello, Sunday!

Otilia - my sister-in-law and friend.

The above picture was sent to me my ex-husband's niece. It was one of the last pictures she took before she passed away. Now that she is gone, I am getting emails from my nieces in the Azores more often. Technically, they are my ex-nieces, but I prefer to just call them nieces. They don't refer me to Ex-Aunt Julie---always, Tia Julie. Sounds kind of weird. Tia Julia--that sounds better, huh? Oh well, I'm grateful I'm still referred to as an aunt of theirs, and I'm thrilled that my daughter is in contact with her cousins. One of them is getting married next summer, so with this wedding, and my cousin Tania's wedding, we may be able to see both! Only one catch---my ex-husband will probably be there.

How awkward is that? Where do I sit at church? In the back, or in the front? You see, I don't talk to my ex-husband. He lives in New Jersey, so there really isn't a need to. I never run into him at the store, or see him driving down the street. The only time I do talk to him, is when I need to relay an important message, and when I do, I hope voicemal picks it up instead of him. We won't even talk about his wife--no I don't talk to her either. Do I sit in the church pew with them?! Do I bring my husband with me? Oh gosh..I don't know why I'm thinking about this NOW--it is a year away for God's sake. Perhaps, I'll just show up for the wedding, give the happy couple my wishes, and not go to the reception. Then I can worry all night whether or not their dad drank too much, and wait until the wee hours of the morning for the safe return of my two children. In the Azores cafes don't close until 3 am, so maybe I just hang out there all night with a cousin of mine. Sigh.. It was awkward enough sitting through my step-son's graduation with my husband's ex sitting on the other side of him. I was pretty much viewed as invisible.

Sometimes I think it's easier to be "invisible".

Well, it's Sunday morning, and I'm reflecting over the last week.. It was a good week. It started at the Portuguese parade, church service, and the Portuguese Hall. My cousin Tom and his wife and two kids were there--always nice to see them. You know, I had my camera with me, but I did not take any pictures for some reason. Tuesday was my mother's birthday, so I took the afternoon off and took her out to lunch with the boys-Andrew, his friend Cyrus and Nicholas. Then later I took her to Nicholas' swimming lesson so she could see him swim.

Friday night, Andrew had another performance at the hip hop dance downtown, so Rich and I made a date night out of it and had a nice dinner near the wharf. We are were seated at the corner patio over looking the mouth of the wharf, and watched all the sailboats and motor boats all dock one by one.. It was very pretty. I wish I had my camera that night. Seated next to us, in their Gucci sunglasses, gold jewlery and low-cut "booty call" tight blouses, were the "Housewives of Santa Cruz County." There were six, very blonde, big bosom women sitting there celebrating a divorce--(I've been to one of those gatherings a few times). It was pretty interesting. The more they ordered drinks, the louder they got, and we all got to hear about the divorce, and the rotten husbands and various men of their past, and the runs with the police being called to their homes..etc.. Then the most vocal of them all, started talking about the Bible, and how she disapproved of one of their mutual friends of how she allowed her husband to cheat...etc..etc.. It was interesting to say the least. My husband's back was facing their table, and from where I was sitting I could see various men seated at the restaurant glancing, and staring towards the "Blonde Table" every now and then. I also saw some looks for some disapproving wives...ha ha.. I asked Rich if he was listening to any parts of the conversation behind him, and he said yes. He expects that they would eventually drink a little too much and end up calling up their ex-husbands by the end of the night.

We later saw a movie, The Purposal. It was a cute movie, but it reminded me of that other movie Sandra Bullock did---While You Were Sleeping. I kept on expecting to see Bill Pullman show up. It was a funny, cute movie though---a must see if you are a fan of Betty White and the guy from The Office - you got to see it to believe it!

We got home so late Friday night, Saturday as just spent cleaning and working in the attic. I was able to take another brisk walk around the neighborhood later yesterday with my new IPOD. My God...I love my little Apple Shuffle IPOD! I was prancing around the neighborhood listening to ABBA Gold the whole time, and I was strutting to the music in my Curves trimming pants! There is nothing more liberating strutting to Gimme Gimme Gimme A Man After Midnight down the neighborhood. I hope no one saw me dance!


Joann said...

DaNcE aWAy... That's what iPod's are for!!!

I would ask your niece (the one who's getting married) if you're husband is invited (I'm sure he is)... then go to the church, sit in back with (new) hubby, stay long enough to congratulate the couple, then go to the cafe 'til your daughters are ready. No need to talk to or even see ex-hubby.

Lisa said...

i'd take the husband, wear something tight and cute, and hold my head high and not worry one second about the shitty ex and his wife. You are a knockout and they'll all be jealous. Glad to hear you had a good week...loved hearing of the blonds acting like are always so observant.

Missie said...

I agree with Lisa! Take the new husband and wear something really sexy! LOL

Have a good week.

Coelha :B said...

Lol....thanks girls! :) I'll have to walk around the block a little more to fit in the tight :) Oh well, I have a year! Thanks again!