Friday, June 26, 2009


Well, here I am with wet hair (it's colored), feeling pretty shitty. :8

In between work, and errands, car repairs, and my boys coming and going, I wasn't listening to the radio, so I didn't hear about MJ dropping dead until early this evening. I was in shock over Farrah this morning, and I was wondering to myself: Okay, Ed McMahon died, now Farrah, now who is next? I would have never guessed for a billion trillion dollars that it would be Michael Jackson of all people.

Sad news.

His music was a part of my child of the 80's. Part of my just gone.

My daughter is playing his music upstairs in her room. She has a black line on her face from the tears she cried, and says she isn't going to wash it off until morning. She was going to invite him to her wedding (like that was really going to happen), but now she is going to have to resort to playing his music. She already has 3 songs picked out.

I remember one MJ moment that has stayed with me for years. Picture this: I'm walking down an residential avenue near the ocean with my brother Eddy, my cousin Manny and his sister Adelaide down the cobble stone streets of Terceira in the Azores (Portugal). It's a beautiful summer's day, and the streets are a little deserted. Blaring from the window of a veranda, we hear "Billy Jean, is not my lover..." in tune with the lace curtains that are softly flowing in the summer wind. We walk down another block, and from another window, we hear, "Dance with you...all night..." I remember myself thinking to myself, "He's everywhere!"

Well, tonight he is.

Rest in Peace, Michael, Ed & Farrah


Julie said...

Poor Farrah, they are just passing her up with the news of MJ. Sounds like his doc gave him a little help to the other side.

Lisa said...

I was and am TOTALLY stunned. I loved Farrah Fawcett....LOVED her in "The Burning Bed" and always have dreamt of having her hair. God bless her. MJ got weird and may be a child molester but the man meant EVERYTHING to me as a you saw on my FB....i love his music so much. What a tragedy for all involved and i hope he did not die from taking pills...what a waste if so.

Missie said...

I feel bad about MJ too. I didn't like the man he's been the last years, but I loved him and his music when I was a teenager.

It's been a bad week for celebrity deaths.

ELLIE said...

I have fond memories of MJ's music but my heart just broke over farrah - I saw the documentary that she filmed of herself in may and it just drove me to tears through out the whole thing - all three are a great loss!

Jimmy's Journal said...

It has been sad times over the last ten days and it didn't get any better to learn that Karl Malden (Streets of San Francisco) passed away today.

It's time for some sunny days. We've had enough rain.