Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!

The last two days Rich and I have been doing some home improvements, and I am happy to say that the new stairway to our attic has been installed! It's not completely done, but hopefully by next weekend we will have cleaned out the garage, throw away all the crap we really don't need anymore, and stuff the stuff we want in the attic so we can fit both of our cars in the garage! Yay! While he was sweating away in the attic, I was sweating away in the kitchen cleaning my oven. Sure, it's a self-cleaning oven, but it doesn't clean every place.. Eww.. Then, of course I had to mop the floor in the kitchen. I'm happy to say my kitchen smells like Pine Sol.

Today, we are having a low key 4th of July. I'm going to have a barbecue, and let Nicholas run through the sprinklers. We'll have watermelon, and Rich has promised to make strawberry daquiries! Yum..yum.. Lizzy is working today, Andrew at his friend's house out of town to see fireworks, and Matt is hybernating in his room until dinner. Rich plans to watch Nascar tonight...

Tomorrow, like every 1st Sunday of July--since I can remember, we are going down to Santa Cruz, pick up Andrew and my mom, and go to the Holy Ghost Portuguese festival. My hometown only holds TWO parades downtown: The Gay & Lesbian Pride parade, and the Portuguese Holy Ghost Parade. After the parade, we are going to church, and eat sopas e carne.

Here are some pictures from Andrew's birthday that I have not had the time to post yet:

Have a great 4th of July!!


Miss Ginger Grant said...

I hope you also went to the pride parade!!!!

Lisa said...

everyone looks gorgeous, tanned and happy at his bday party...great pics...i hope you post pics of today's parade too....sounds like all is is always a great feeling when you get lots done around the house. XOXO

Missie said...

Hope you had a good 4th. Loved all the pictures!!

LYN said...

love the pics!!

ELLIE said...

wow - that festival sounds like fun - and the pics are lovely - wow attic space - now that is something we need - LOL
so much junk so little
take care