Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My name is Julie, and my carpets are just fine!

This afternoon, I get a call at home from an automated solicitation call:

"Isn't it time you cleaned your carpets?"

No hello, or how are you--just an automated operator telling me that my carpets are dirty. I immediately told the automated operator to "F you!" as I hung up the phone.

Yes, I'm having one of those weeks. I usually don't say the F word, nor do I usually talk back to automated operators.

Yes, it's been one of those weeks: Nicholas is testing his boundaries again! He is in that mode: "How long will it take for mommy to chase me around the playground, if I run in circles and hide behind a tree." He apparently was playing the same game with his grandmother this afternoon. My mother was not pleased--especially when he threw her shopping list she had written over the fence in the neighbor's backyard! "Now my neighbors are going to know what I need at the store!" Sure they could care less, I'm sure---even if they could read my mother's writing--(another story). So, I left a hour early from work and raced over to my mother's house, where I immediately met Nicholas in the front yard, wearing a devilish grin. After chasing him around the house, into the house, upstairs, and onto the deck, and dragged him into the van--finally strapping him in. I was ready to go home and try to relax.

Nicholas finally fell asleep in the van, and joyfully he continued to take a nice long nap at home...when the phone rings, and this automated operator tells me that my carpet is not clean.

I HATE solicitation calls---especially from automated operators!! I get these calls at work for refinance, insurance for my credit cards..etc..etc... I even get calls from President Obama telling me to go back to school! I PRESS THE 2 button like they tell me to STOP getting these calls - to be taken off the phone list, but does it work?! No--it doesn't!!

Okay, and now lets talk about the solicitation calls with REAL people. What a joy they are. I cannot tell you how many times people call me and ask for "Maureen". That is not my name. That is my husband's ex-wifes name. I tell them, and try and correct them, but it never works--they don't care. I was once sent a whole kit to distribute in the neighborhood for a charitible cause, but they still sent it to Maureen. I sent it back. They called, and asked me why--I told them they had the wrong person. My name is Julie. I not only get calls for her, I also get mail for her. Why in the hell do I get her mail? She has never lived at this address! Not only do I get calls and mail, I also get free samples. Today I got free samples of Kotex Maxi Pads with wings, and panty liners! Okay..I'll keep those, but what I want to know is WHY I get mail for her MOTHER-IN-LAW?! Not my husband's mother, but her new spouse's mother! WHY??!!

Okay.. Perhaps the real reason I'm feeling angry is because I REALLY think my carpets need a good cleaning. Now I got a call confirming what I already know. Lovely. You know how hard it is to keep a carpet clean with teenagers and a 5 year old and a husband, and an art student?! Time to get my steamer out this weekend...


Anonymous said...

I not only get calls but I get visits. Two recently. One from someone who wanted to help me consolidate my debt. LOL. Oh sure...come on in, I'll show you all my finances...very odd. I actually called up the BBB to see if this was the type of thing where they go door to door scamming older people, since a lot of older people live in my area.

Then about a month ago a Ken & Barbie looking couple came to tell me ALL my neighbors have their security system that was approved by the Federal Govt. Really? I mentioned to them that my ex Jack is an FBI agent and I'd like to call him right now to find out if that was true. They left pretty fast. ~Mary

Julie said...

I hear you. I hate getting those calls. Finally I have caller ID which cuts down. And I get samples for my MIL who has been dead over a year.

Missie said...

I had put myself on some time of national list to prevent sales calls. I don't get them anymore.

I just cleaned my carpets. I can't keep up with them with 2 teenagers, 2 cats, 2 dogs and a husband! LOL

Joann said...

OK, how come only Mother-in-Laws seem to get free samples, I NEVER get any!!

I have to tell you about a carpet cleaning solicitation phone call a girlfriend of mine (Diane) got once...

Caller: Hi, (a whole schpiel about how clean her carpets would be)

Diane: Well, I'm really interested in your service, it just so happens I need to get a major stain out of my carpet pretty urgently.

Caller: Well, I'm sure we can help you... what's the stain?

Diane: Blood

Caller: Oh... well we can out blood... Umm, no problem.

Diane: Even goat's blood?? We had a ritual here last night, and it's a real mess... How about my walls, I mean, you should SEE my CEILING!!

That company never called her back!!

Indigo said...

I'm lucky on that agenda, being deaf I totally by pass the telemarketers. However it doesn't keep them from calling my cell. I have an automated voice that tells anyone who calls, I'm deaf and can only recieve text messages. Ha! The calls still go through. Once a month Paul clears them out for me, calling back the number and explaining I'm deaf. Hasn't stopped them yet. (Hugs)Indigo

P.S. My new blog is now here:

Jimmy's Journal said...

I don't like any unsolicited calls or visits. I used to get a lot of early knocks on the door Sunday mornings after arriving home from late Saturday nights.

The two women finally quit their early Sunday visits after I answered the door one morning in my underwear and invited them in so I could learn more about Jesus.


Lisa said...

i got sick and tired of solicitation calls and such about 5 yrs ago and i had this as my answering machine message:

"thanks for calling the home of Meg, Chad, Rick and Lisa...if you know us personally, please leave a quick message..if i owe you money or you want me to go buy something...well, go fuck yourself...and have a nice day".

yes, i did. I got lots of hang ups. Then family members began to say i had no class....GEE, i changed back to generic greetings. Phooey.

you are a riot.
i hate to shampoo carpet. It takes hours.
I hope Nicholas has calmed down.