Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bad Bunny; Good Bunny

My son, Andrew is currently “grounded” for a few weeks because he has been a bad “bunny”, or should I say, he was “bad” to a “bunny.”

I will explain.

Picture this: 3 teenagers on a Saturday afternoon, on their way to Wendy’s. They suddenly approach a 5 foot, grinning inflatable rabbit situated at the sidewalk near a sign for an Easter egg hunt. How do you think 3 teenage boys would react in this situation?

They took turns punching the thing, and after a few laughs and go along their merry way to their destination. However, leaving Wendy’s they were greeted by a police officer.

Apparently, after the encounter with the boys, the “bunny” deflated, and died. The owners of the rabbit (a church group) reported the incident to the authorities and there was a call alert for the three boys. All of them were escorted to the scene of the crime and spoke with the people who reported them in. The police convinced them not to press charges, and speaking to the three of them, they declared that they were “all really good boys”, so they got off with only having to pay $20 each for a replacement inflatable rabbit; or should I say, I paid $20 for the rabbit. Although it was WRONG that they punched the bunny, I hope the church group realizes that perhaps putting the rabbit so near the sidewalk may not be such a good idea. I’m pretty sure none of the boys would have touched it if they had not been together goofing off.

Oh well, Andrew is grounded and hopefully this “brush with the law” will make him think twice about vandalism of any kind. The woman from the church called me later in the day and seemed disappointed that I was going to pay the $20 rather than let him work a few hours around the church. For some reason, she sounded like she really liked Andrew a lot, and wanted to see him again. I found it a bit strange. Perhaps she thought he was a “lost sheep” who lost his way from the “flock” and she wanted to convert him into the church? Nevertheless, I did not enjoy having the police calling about my kid. Can you say, SCARY? The police officer was pretty candid with the parents, almost apologizing for the call, saying he “couldn’t believe the police were called for this.”

Well, April is finally here! I love Spring! The weather has been really nice lately. Tuesday I was able to take a nice 3 mile walk near the ocean on the Cesar Chavez Holiday while Nick was attending his kindergarten class, and it was a nice break. I need more days like that; no work, just spending time alone outside-enjoying the sunshine, no housework, just ME time. It was almost like a spiritual experience. The evening was spent with Andrew and me at the St. Joseph’s Cathedral where we sat in a three hour mass for the blessing of the oils for the entire county. The bishop was there, along with 15 other priests. The liturgy was spoken in three languages, Spanish, English and Vietnamese. It was a beautiful ceremony, with a lot of singing in a very beautiful cathedral. I also saw a woman with the strangest hair color that I’ve ever seen in my life. I am not kidding when I say this, but her hair looked like the fur of a skunk. She had jet black hair, and the top was completely white-like a stripe. It was very odd. I took some pictures before the ceremony started, and now I’m sorry I hadn’t take pictures of her hair.

Something also very odd happened. I was sitting there, and suddenly I felt a splash of something wet on my face. My first thought was holy water? But I didn’t see the usual priest with the water walking around. Then I thought may be the baby girl in front of me threw her bottle my way, and maybe splashed my face with it? And then I remembered how sweaty her father’s head was, and hoped it wasn't from him slicking his hair back. I had noticed that he did it before, and actually wiped his hands on his daughter blanket-gross, I know. Did he really splash his hair sweat on me? Eeeww… Or, was this a “spiritual” moment, and I was being blessed by an angel? I want to believe it was an angel, not the hair sweat. I’m curious, do you believe in angels? I washed my face as soon as I got home just in case.

Well, it’s Thursday. Yesterday was April Fools Day---were you fooled?


Missie said...

Oh my! Boys will be boys! I can't help laughing at the beating of the bunny. The boys were wrong, and yes, should be punished, but, well, you know what I mean! LOL

Michelle said...

I had to laugh too - about the beating of the bunny. I have a feeling my 17 year old would have enjoyed doing that too. lol
I do know how it is to have the police involved- it is scary - so I understand why you are punishing him - but if that is the worse thing your son has done - consider yourself lucky! lol


Jimmy's Journal said...

My thoughts are that the bunny probably started it. That would be the story I would stick to, anyway.

Cheer up, it could have been a playboy bunny.


Penny said...

Poor bunny! I guess the boys were sufficiently embarrassed by the incident to think about the next bunny bashing, LOL. Funny what good kids will do when grouped together. I will believe the angel story for the splash . . . the alternative is just . . . eeeewwww! blessings, Penny

Cathy said...

Teenagers, yea...a species all their own lol. Hey why'd you think it was holy water you felt? Someone trying to bless you! As for the pigeon's contribution, yes it's SUPPOSED to be good luck I just can't figure out how.

LYN said...


Lori said...

Poor, poor bunny! lol