Thursday, April 9, 2009

Passing the Kreative Blog Award...

Oh my! This bunny is blushing over here! :B Thank you Lori Dusty Pages - for the Kreative Blog Award--I'm both honored and surprised!! Thank you!

Okay, I'm passing the award down to my fellow bloggers. The instructions are to link back to the blogger who gave me the award, Lori, which I did above (be sure to check her out), and I am supposed to list seven things that I love. Well, naturally there are more than 7 things that I love about life, so I will just mention a few random 7:

1. New socks and underwear. I'm not kidding--there is NOTHING like the feeling of wearing new spanking underwear, and nice soft and cozy socks. I don't know what it is, but the feeling is just undeniably soothing. I'm a woman of simple tastes and pleasures, I guess.

2. Hugs. I love being hugged-especially by my kids, and of course from my husband. I love being surprised by the random hug. My kids' hugs have this magical power of making me remember how much I'm needed-no matter how old, or "grown up" they seem to be. Sometimes I forget; especially with my older children. My husband's hugs have some sort of magical power--no matter how stressed I feel, or upset I become, one hug from that wonderful man of mine, and all my worries seem to diminish in thin air.

3. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I know-seems silly, but whenever I eat one, I'm immediately taken back to a more simple time.

4. Hearing my mother sing in the kitchen-especially when she is dancing with her wooden spoon.

5. Laughter-not the fake kind, but laughing until your eyes start to water, when the drink you are drinking starts coming up your nose, your side is hurting, on the verge of peeing in your pants kind of laughter.

6. Being in a public place and suddenly hearing Portuguese being spoken at random by strangers. Don't ask me why, but each time it happens, I smile-it reminds me of home and the people I love who live far away.

7. The ocean. I feel closer to God when I'm near the shore. When I'm having a bad day, it's the one place I feel more drawn to. The ocean and it's unpredictable strength inspires me. The smell of the ocean, the crashing of the waves, the sand.. There is nothing more incredible than walking on the beach at sunset.

Okay here are a few bloggers (in no particular order) who I would like to acknowledge-of course I enjoy reading all the blogs I follow. There are a few I can't put down due to them having private journals. You know who you are :)

Here are a few:

1. Jimmy's Journal - Although I don't necessarily share his political views, this guy is a riot. His writings are both entertaining, interesting and educational! I hear he can sing too! Area 51 is where you can find Jimmy--I can picture him there sitting at the bar-a good guy. There are few good guys out there, and he is one of them.

2. Rejected Truth - Mary.. I love this woman. She is a natural born writer, giver, and friend who never complains about my long winded emails. She writes from the heart. When I read her entries, I feel like I'm reading a letter from an old friend. She is someone I wish who lived closer-like next door even. She is someone I would take my long walks, and do coffee runs with.

3. The FABULOUS Blog of Miss Ginger Grant! What can I say about Miss Ginger? It is always fun to read the many adventures of Miss Ginger Grant! I've never seen such clean closets, or eyeliner applied so perfectly! Miss Ginger, I need your help! Always a fun and interesting read of someone who truly loves life!

4. PRAZER_INCULTO - Possidonio-an old friend from the Azores, as well as very talented and successful Portuguese author--look him up even! I'll never forget that night you and your sister had to hang out with my parents while my cousin Adelaide was at Twin's Pub, or waiting up until 3 am for the bread factory to open up for warm bread after dancing all night. "I'm as hungry as a bear.." Okay, he writes in Portuguese, but he understands English--he puts up with my silly comments-pay him a visit!

5. A Middle Aged Mom's Upside Down World - Missie Now this woman is one of the most creative people I know on Blogger. She not only makes fantastic tags, but she is in inspiring mother and wife. She is a remarkable and strong woman who always puts her children's needs first-something to truly admire. She is also down to earth kind of person, who is a passionate in her beliefs and her family; someone I also wished lived closer. Although she is going through some unexpected health issues, she always maintains a sunny disposition-a very positive attitude.

6. Joann's Weight Loss Journey - Joann is just a fun person, who loves life. When I read her entries it leaves me smiling--a positive attitude an just a fun-loving person who enjoys the company of her son and her many friends. Naturally this woman has a lot of good friends-I love her attitude.

7. Just Plain Bill - I love Bill! Although he doesn't regularly write an entry, he always finds the time to leave the sweetest little comments on my blog. He is a sweetheart who always leaves with a kind word and encouragement. You can tell from his writings what a proud grandpa he is--you can't help but love him.

Okay---that is my seven.....I could only pick 7... Now go out and pick your own 7!

My little "booger."


Missie said...

Oh my! Thank you for the award and all the nice things you said about me!!

I wish I lived closer to you too!!

Christopher M said...

Ohhh thats um cool

-- Christopher

By the way Lol.. on your sidebar you gotta update my link haha ( No hurry just when you get a chance ) it says I havent updated my blog in 3 weeks because thats back on the old blog that is no more since I gave it a real name now :)

FrankandMary said...

How could I complain about your emails? They are honest and kind. Filled with love of family and concern for others. Nothing to complain about. Now, after all that nice stuff you said about me, you know I am not passing the award along. I am not Awardy. I appreciate it~every sentiment, but I'm not Awardy. I know you get me so .......~Mary

Lori said...

I love your list of things you love and your list of blogs! (Love that picture, too! lol)