Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ladies, Hold On To Your Panties!

(No panties have been stolen during the writing of this entry)

It’s been awhile since I’ve written an update to the bathroom situation at my office building. Is there working plumbing? Must Julie still use the bathroom trailer sitting in the parking lot? I know all of you are wondering.. Well, good news! Yes, we now have working toilets! I’m happy to report that the stinky porta potties and trailer bathrooms that have been parked in the back of the office building, for the last 3 months, have finally been wheeled away! Hurrah!

Now, we have a new bathroom, but things are far from perfect.

They say a woman designed our new bathroom, but I beg to differ. First of all, we have just one sink. We now have to take turns to wash our hands. The soap dispenser and the trash bin are on completely different sides of the sink, and we still don’t have a mirror, just a cut out of where it is supposed to be. The women’s bathroom is right at the back entrance, so it’s the first door a person will see when entering from the back door. The men’s bathroom is on the other side, hidden near the hallway. This has already caused a problem.

Apparently, yesterday a male client of ours, who REALLY, REALLY had to use the bathroom, asked an unnamed woman (whoever it was, I would really like to kick her) to let him in to use the bathroom. I don’t know what the real circumstances were-he may have been telling a fib, and the door may have been ajar or something. Well, this guy, who happens to be on the sex offender caseload goes in and uses the women’s bathroom. A little while later, in walks in one of my co-workers (the really annoying one) who upon entering the bathroom, immediately notices a pair of rather large working boots, with worn, dirty jeans hovering over them in one of the stalls. Now, that in itself should have rose a red warning flag----I mean, not many women in the building dress that way, right? Well she goes along and sits down on the toilet and does her business. Eventually she hears a zip go up and the walking work boots as they make their way out of the women’s bathroom. Just when she is about to leave, here comes the older, busy body woman who works across the hall announcing loudly:

“A man just walked out of here!”

The hysteria begins!

Well, it was discovered that this client is on the sex offender caseload purely for his love for women's panties! He is a panty theif! He has alredy been spoken to, and he is no longer allowed to use the women’s bathroom here in the building, but it still is a tad creepy, don’t you think?

So, just a warning to all you ladies: Keep your eyes open in public restrooms, and hold on to your panties!


Indigo said...

I would definitely say creepy. I wouldn't feel safe knowing someone like that walked into the bathroom while I was there. (Hugs)Indigo

FrankandMary said...

He is on the sex offender case load? Uhm, can't they just use an old coffee can out back for those?
And NO WOMAN designed that bathroom.

LYN said...


Lisa said...

the only good thing about the entire story here is that the sex perv did not get your coworkers panties while using the female toilets. Yes, creepy.