Friday, March 27, 2009

Hello Friday..

Ever have those days, where you wake up, stare at the alarm clock and just want to throw it across the room, because the utter thought of getting out of bed makes you want to hurl? Well, that is how I've been feeling for the last two days. I've been feeling very sluggish, tired, achy, feverish and just plain BLAH. My head feels like someone kicked it in two places, and my nose is runny, and I feel dizzy. I know I caught a cold from my daughter, and my youngest has had a presistant cough and runny nose too. I've been home with him the last two days, and although it's not a problem at work at all, there is just that feeling of "guilt" that I'm not at work, or that I'm letting someone down for not being there. I know it sounds stupid...but being at home is so nice sometimes, I'm thinking--"Gee I could really get used to this." Ever get that feeling?

Well, I'm going try and not feel that way anymore and do something constructive. It's amazing how much housework I can do when I don't feel particulary well. Perhaps that is why I'm feeling guilty because I know I could be at work right now doing "work" that is relatively more enjoyable than cleaning a toilet or picking up my son's smelly socks. Well, Nick is sick, so that is my excuse. If he should cough more than once or show any signs of a runny nose I will immediately get a phone call from the office nurse to come and pick him up before he contaminates the whole classroom with his germs. Schools are getting really anal about that now. I actually had his kindergarten teacher ASK ME to not bring him in one day because he "looked sick" to her. What?! Okay, whatever. I've never had that asked before, and when I told my mother, my mom thought the teacher was "uma maluca" (crazy lady) because he did not look at all ill to her---nor to myself. Oh well.

Thanks Teresa for the heads up on the following video. I apologize if the language offends anyone. I'm just in one of the those moods--if you know what I mean.

For some reason I can't upload this video on here. It involves too much thinking, and my poor head cannot figure it out right now.

It is almost April, and I'm thinking of the many reasons why I love the month. It's my birthday month, it's Easter, and it's my anniversary month which means that hubby and I can get away for another weekend in Monterey-one of my favorite places here in California. We are going to stay at the hotel we stayed at when we got married--6 years ago. It doesn't seem that long ago, and it is kind of strange to think it's been 6 years already.

Beautiful Monterey, April, 2008

We decided to not jinx the whale boat trip. Instead of booking for it, and taking the necessary pills not to get sea sick, and then get a call that the trip is cancelled due to choppy seas, we are going to book it when we get there. Those pills we took ruined the whole day...we felt sluggish and tired all day. Kind like what I'm feeling like today!

I'm also thinking about the summer. No big vacations this year-have to save up for that trip to Portugal next summer for the wedding of Tania and Ruben. :) We do have a family reunion in June for Rich's side of the family--sounds like fun. Thinking of another trip to Disneyland. Okay..I'm thinking too much. My brain is started to hurt and pound again. Until next time--- :)


Michelle said...

i hope you feel better fast!

Those sound like a lot of fun plans!



Cathy said...

Yes, I have. Many times. About vid uploading, so simple, you see that URL you posted? Did you type that whole thing by hand? Yikes. When you're watching a YT vid and want to put it here, just copy and paste the URL from your browser right into your "new post" page and it'll appear. I dare you to try it.

LYN said...


Jimmy's Journal said...

Been there, done that. Cathy's right, every video has a link and a URL. The link takes you to the video and the URL embeds the video.

You have to change from "compose" to "Edit HTML" and some of the other codes are a little tricky but you'll catch on.

I maintain a private "test journal" and that's how I learn the tricks without posting 10 blogs while trying to figure it out.

Que te mejores!

Missie said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...


You see thats why I love WINDOWS LIVE WRITER program

because all I got to do is go to:


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and it Enbeds the video for me I dont have to do jack doo doo!

ahhhhh I love the Simplicity of life Lol!

~ Christopher ~