Friday, May 1, 2009

Rainy Friday

My son's kindergarten class had a field trip today, and I took the day off to volunteer to be a driver. Because I work (the majority of the mom's in his class don't seem to work outside of the home) I often feel that "mom's guilt" of not being able to volunteer or take part in class activities like the other mothers. There is a certain circle of mothers that are always there, who seem to know eachother well, and at times, although they are friendly towards me, I feel like the outsider--the mom who no really "knows". So, today, I took the day off to be one of "them".

It was a fun day, despite the rain, although I don't think the teacher was aware of all the transient people who were making camp at the field trip "site". We went to an open field looking for insects, and there are various people camping out under the trees. It kind of confused the kids a bit, and then it started to rain, and after a hour of "exploring" and looking for lady bugs, beetles, caterpillars..etc, we all headed back to the school.

It's going to be a busy weekend! I have major grocery shopping to do (the teenagers in the house have managed to eat a week's worth of groceries in record time yet again), and I have cleaning to do, a birthday party on Sunday at my brother's house, and Tania will be flying in from Portugal as well-due to arrive late that evening...

The Swine Flu has closed one local school here, and both of the teenage boys were given antibacterial soap at their school. I haven't seen anyone around here wearing masks over their faces however. It is a serious concern, but the media does tend to over-dramatize the situation in my opinion, just a tad bit. Local medical clinics waiting rooms are full of people thinking they have the swine flu, and most of them are being told to go back home. So far, we are all feeling well. My daughter, who works for Bath & Body told us over dinner that the antibactieral soap at the Target at the mall is completely sold out, bringing lots and lots of customers to their stores for their scented antibacterial soaps. Two cruise ships who were scheduled to stop in ports in Mexico have been adverted to San Francisco. Imagine being all packed for a sunny getaway to Mexico, only to have to be stuck in San Francisco, on a gloomy day in the rain? Oh well, San Francisco is a beautiful city--although today is not a day to wear flip flops.

Have a great weekend!


Missie said...

I'm not afraid of the swine flu. (knocking on wood) I agree with you, I think the media just needed something new to hype up!

It's been a really rainy day here too!

Enjoy your weekend.

Cathy said...

Yer right - so don't let the main-stream media propaganda put you off your natural common sense. This particular strain of flu is a combination of several, and it's a kind of misnomer when they call it "swine flu". Makes ppl more frightened and they go out and get vaccinated (have the DNA of the attenuated flu itself injected into their bodies so it makes antibodies to fight it should you contract it) Vaccines are beneficial but not always. Say: why do Fridays and rain go together so well? Maybe cause it always happens lol.

Lisa said...

i do NOT think the media wants to just hype something up.....why...well, people have died......and yes, i am sure many other strains of flu have killed also BUT, i will always be cautious and be a bit inconveinced but glad to be alive and not complain about the media. No official is going to close a school or disrupt hundreds, thousands or millions of working parents lives just to play into flu hype.
there are also lots of people out there that pee and never wash and even do not flush. I say use soap, common sense and pray for the best.
i was always the odd mom real friends at my kids schools....i was the only working i ignored all those cliquey moms and talked to the kids.

disa said...