Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy March

It's a rainy day in San Jose, California. What is that saying? March comes in like a lamb and leaves like a lion? Well, it's been a gloomy looking day with light rain off and on. My orange tree apparently is enjoying this weather. We have NEVER gotten so many oranges on our tree like we have this year. These oranges are SWEET too. I think the tree overheard Rich say that he was going to chop it down. It went down during a winter storm a few years ago, and we managed to save it, but it is growing a little crooked, and there is one branch limb that is hitting our window. However, because of it's production of oranges this year, Rich has decided that the tree will stay..but that limb has got to go.

I can't believe it's March already. Spring is almost here. Clocks go back in a week! Longer days! Just a month until Spring break! Just 3 1/2 months until summer break. Wow...weird!! Seems like I'm still putting away Christmas stuff.

Above is a picture of me and the girls on Dia das Amigas---Friendship Day. We went to the Improv last month. It was fun--hope to do it again one day soon.

So, have you done your taxes yet?

Well, the HUGE tax deductions I now take out of my payroll have paid off. The first time in years since we got money back from the IRS. YAY! Perhaps I can get that new oven and fridgerator I've been wanting. The stove came with the house, and the back burner doesn't work. The fridge is one that I have had since 1997-I got a year or so before my divorce with my ex-husband. During the divorce we kind of fought over it. I hate it. Why? It's a two door, and the freezer side is so narrow you can't even fit a pizza box in there.

It's been an uneventful weekend---which is good. My friend from work came over yesterday. I signed her up as an Avon Representative, and she is all excited. I'm glad. We may do some parties together---more Christmas shall be fun.

I haven't advertised lately, so here is my shameful plug:

If you want to get an Avon email with weekly specials, let me know and I'll put you on my email list.

Have a wonderful week people! :)


Just Bill said...

Julia. stop botching about the refrigerator. We must have the same model although it may be twelve years old. We never freeze our pizza we eat it.
You brought a tear to me eye with the oranges. Wish I had an orange tree in my yard and could pick a hundred of them.
Oh well I can look forward to a foot of snow tomorrow morning and you can't so see there!
Enjoy the extra hour and spring I know I will since I will be playing golf in at least three weeks. Love to you nad your family, Bill

I could not pick you out in the picture of the "Girls'! Must be my failing eyesight.

Missie said...

We're in the midst of a blizzard here in PA. I don't spring is around the corner here! LOL

Joann said...

OK, Why don't you TELL US which one is YOU!! LOL!! You're son's a cutie!! My mom's tree is giving us great oranges this year too, Very sweet and juicy. I brought a bag FULL home yesterday, we got THREE bags FULL total!! The Los Angeles area was HOT today, I was miserable... 84 degrees, but a HOT 84!!! Got my taxes done yesterday, I was happy... worked it out RIGHT!!!

Jan said...

Great picture ,of you and the girls which one is you ?,wow look at those oranges ,please dont let him chop the tree down ,just the limb hee hee March came in like a lamb here ,oh dear hope the end of the month doesnt prove ,that rhyme to be right , Jan xx

lisa jo said...

Yes, i want your Avon email,please.

i cannot wait for Spring. This damn winter has went on FOREVER.
Nick is so cute!
Congrats on your refund...take pics if you buy new appliances.

Anonymous said...

YUM! Those oranges look good!

Lol damn, same fridge since 1997 and that sucker hasnt quit YET? LOL Amazing hahahahaha

Congrats on the money back.. Wished I had money coming in :(

--- Christopher