Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Acai, anyone?


As you may remember, I have written previously about the status of my work area. My office building is in the middle of a major face-lift of repairs. They have completely ripped out the toilet facilities, and slowly have been ripping the carpet apart, painting the building, etc. At this point, after a month of remodeling, there isn’t one thing that has been completely finished as of yet. There have been some improvements however.

Last week, they took out the disgusting, over-flowing (I’m not kidding) porta potties out, and have replaced them with a trailer type bathroom. There is a men’s and women’s section. I am very happy about that because apparently the workers were using the porta potties and they were not “aiming” well. I don’t know this first hand of course because I NEVER used those porta potties, referred as the “blue room”, but I’ve heard stories from people who have. There is nothing worse than sitting down on a “wet” seat, is there? Anyway, these NEW toilets can be best described as ones you see in airplanes. There is a constant fan going, and a generator motor running, and it’s very cramp in there, but if you close your eyes and use your imagination, you can pretend you are in a plane going somewhere nice, like Fuji.

It is rainy and wet today, and the workers are not here today, but there is a construction crew across the street putting in stakes, and drilling in the ground in an empty lot. Each time the drill goes into the ground, our building vibrates. I’m not kidding. Before I realized what was going on, I thought I was experiencing after-shocks or an earthquake. I noticed things around me vibrating. Even the back of my chair was shaking. Lovely! Why the owners of this building did not choose to just simply tear down this piece of crap building to the ground and start anew is beyond me.

Today I decided to stay away from the new Brazilian coffee shop. That coffee mocha I had yesterday was tasty, but---it was very rich. It kind of made my stomach do somersaults later in the evening. I have to try the Acai. Have any of you had that before? Perhaps tomorrow I will be brave and try the Acai. I know Oprah loves the stuff, and I know it’s good for you; and I heard it can help you loose weight.

The Brazilian lady was hoping I would read the 3 page article of the benefits of the Acai while I was waiting for my mocha. Instead, I went on and on about my love for the accents of her native country. Perhaps that annoyed her enough to tell me to start speaking English. A long time ago, when I was divorced and single, and dating, (before I met the love of my life, Rich), I met a guy from Brazil. I’m not kidding—his name was Fabio. When he spoke, I just sat there listening in total awe. We only dated a few times. Last time I heard from him he was on his way to San Francisco to get a fake social security card. Not good, I know. It is for the best that I never saw him again. I’m guessing he got caught trying to get that fake social security card, threw him in jail, and then deported him back home to Porto Alegre, Brazil. Anyway, some co-workers of mine went over to the new Brazilian coffee shop yesterday afternoon, only to discover the place closed at 3 pm. They were very disappointed. I guess the coffee shop goes by Brazilian time…not American. Viva Brasil!

I’ve given up meat for Lent. It’s not as hard as it seems. I figure, I could drink Acai’s and veggie burgers until Easter. I’m not a real meat eater anyway---ask anybody. I eat for the most part like a rabbit or a chicken; a little here, a little there.. My downfall is chocolate. I know I should have given up that for Lent instead of meat. Oh well, may be next year.


Miss Ginger Grant said...

OMG I'm exactly the opposite! I'm a "meatatarian!". I would die if I had to give it up! And I don't care so much for sweets!

lisa jo said...

i love all your stories.
there is nothing worse than pee on a lid of a toilet. EWWW.
Fabio, huh?
Sounds like there is much more to that story, LOL.

Missie said...

I can't use porta potties! They actually scare me when entering. LOL

I couldn't give up meat for Lent. I love my steaks and burgers.

Have a good one.