Thursday, March 12, 2009

Free Lunch

Free lunch..

There is apparently such a thing!

Our boss woman wrote a letter to the management of this dumpy building, highlighting all the horrible job conditions we have had to endure working in the building while construction was going on, and because of the letter and the threat of us eventually leaving the premises once the lease is up (it ends early this summer) the building’s owner and manager wants to take us “out to lunch.” We are all going a free lunch from the sandwich place across the street next week. Yipppee!!

Free food is good!

I just wish this office building would stop shaking. It is driving me crazy!! They are doing construction work in the ground across the street, and this building is vibrating and shaking!! It feels like we are having never ending after shocks! I hate earthquakes, and that is what if feels like. I have to sit away from the back of my chair so I don’t feel the vibration on my back. Yes, it’s that bad. I swear, the building must have been imported from China. I’m not kidding!

Yesterday I got an email from someone I haven’t heard from in years! It was nice that she remembered my email and sat down to send me an email. We met through a mutual friend from our past. This mutual friend is not really a friend anymore to either one of us and there is good reason why. It’s a long story that would take me many entries to write about, but basically it’s a story we have all heard before-if not in real life, in soap operas.
This woman left her “boring and uneventful” life to be with a motorcycle gang member (Portuguese motorcycle gang member-yeah, the worse kind let me tell you..ha haha), and this person did drugs, and beat her up and eventually took everything she had…etc. It’s a sad, sad story, but this woman really never “grew up”. She married too young in life, and discovered she was “missing out” on adventures when she started getting chummy with various married men she met on the internet. Oh, the scandal of it all, I know. Who knows who is really at fault. We all can’t play a “victim” all our lives. We eventually have to take responsibility for own one actions at one point. Her husband was a pretty nice guy in my opinion; but who knows what really went on. All I know is the guy eventually divorced her, and married a woman who my ex-husband fixed him up with. This woman is my ex-husband’s wife’s cousin. Yes, it’s a soap opera I tell you! Fortunately for me, I moved and she didn’t have a new phone number to contact me back at, but the last our mutual friend heard from her was when she was calling the house various times in the day making prank phone calls. This is after this friend accompanied her on many occasions to bankruptcy court, trying to get her life back on track. Wheww..

I know you are all wondering (?) if I’ve yet to try the Acai next door at the Brazilian cafĂ©. I have not yet---but I have been admiring the big bowls of fruit (with peanut butter?!) a co-worker has been buying over there. I think tomorrow I will try it. I haven’t been back there since I was “slammed” with the comment of “not wanting to speak Portuguese” not because I felt “slammed” but simply because I cannot afford to buy $3.00 coffee every day. Going there is a treat. I will give you an Acai review hopefully next time. By the lack of comments, I don’t think any of you had tried it yet. I will let you know.

My head is pounding. Not quite sure if it’s the lack of protein (no meat for the last two ½ weeks) or the vibrations coming across the street.

Have a good week!


Missie said...

You never turn down a free lunch. I think it's great the owners of the building are taking you all out.

Now, as far as the building shaking, that would scare me.

I'm a coffee drinker, but I like my Choc-full-of-nuts brand. Cheap and good. LOL

LYN said...

free food is always a bonus! have a great weekend!

Lori said...

I don't think I could get much work done in that kind of environment. I am looking forward to the acai reviews. I've been wondering about it!