Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lost in Translation...

Wheww... I feel so silly!

Well, I finally went to the dentist--it's been a year. I know that is extremely thoughtless of me--but I had a BUSY year. But, I know--that still isn't a good excuse. Well, when I went to the dentist yesterday I was a little embarrassed that it had been so long, but even more embarrassed when I heard "why" my crown fell off.

It was only a temporary crown. It was supposed to last for not more than 3 weeks!!

I've had it for over a year.


Explanation: My original dentist is Vietamese. I liked her, and I understood her well. Most of the people who work there speak in Vietamese; and there were times I had no idea what they were saying, but I stayed with my dentist because I liked her and she was always very gentle, had little hands, and her office was open on Saturdays. Out of the blue, however, with my dismay, they switched dentists on me. This dentist was a man, who I could barely understand. I wasn't too happy, but I didn't want to search for another dentist, so I just went on seeing him. You would have thought that he would have made sure that I understood that I only had a TEMPORARY crown and that I should make an appointment in 3 weeks, but obviously---this wasn't apparently clear to me. I mean, you would think someone would have the sense to make a follow up appointment for me, right? Well, I didn't get the message.

Well they snapped and cemented my old temporary crown in my mouth, and I will have to go back to get my tooth re-built for a new temporary, and then I'll have my final, long awaited "crowining" sometime next month. Fun..fun...fun! At least my root canal is fine and that doesn't need to be re-done. On a happier note, I have another new dentist, who speaks English very well. I understood everything he said. This is good--no smiling and nodding was involved, with me thinking to myself (what did he just say?)--this is good.

As you may know, I sell Avon. During a Christmas faire at the church, I signed up two people as new representatives, and I am happy to say that they are doing well. A customer of mine that I met at the same Christmas faire contacted me on Friday to let me know that she too wanted to sell. Earlier that week I got an email from my sister-law asking me if I had any more luck signing up recruits. Apparently there is a deadline, and if I didn't make the deadline, my "leadership" status would be stripped away. No one wants to have their status "stripped away" right? So to save myself from the humiliation of the "stripping" I quickly called someone at the Avon 800#. The woman on the other line informed me I had until this Thursday to sign up two more recruits. Oh the pressure! I signed up my daughter last night, and I called a friend from work who was thinking of selling, to agree to sign up this week. For some reason, when I was reading the rules and regulations online at the Avon website, my situation didn't make sense to me, and because I couldn't get a hold of my sister-inlaw quickly enough, I called Avon again this morning. Well, low and behold, I almost got into a fight with some man at Avon customer service. He told me that I had until May to sign up 1 more representative. I was so mean to that man; he was contridicting what my sister-inlaw and the other lady at Avon told me previously. I feel so guilty now... I guess just because the fact he was a MAN I automatically assumed he knew nothing about what he was talking about. I later found out that he was right. I feel so stupid. I don't know WHY that lady I spoke with earlier said Thursday. I guess she didn't understand my question?

It's just been a STUPID week so far. Don't ask me any questions, or furthermore--don't even try to explain anything to me! It's FAT TUESDAY.. Yes, we are all fat & happy. Not to say all Portuguese people are fat. There are skinny Portuguese people out there--yes they do exist. Let me try and translate this to you. FAT & HAPPY translates to: Happy & Well Taken Care of.. Like a happy, fat cat; happy and content. It can also be translated as happy with a full stomach. :)


Missie said...

I have one temporary crown now for 8 years. One permanent crown I had lasted 1 year. Go figure! LOL

I used to sell Avon. It was too much work for the little profit I received. I was a certified beauty adivisor. Do they still have those?

Have a good week.

LYN said...



Cathy said...

Caps and crows, eventually dentures - teeth. If you ignore them they go away lol. Yeah Fat Tuesday! This year it was a success in New Orleans and ppl definitely had the spirit back. Anyway glad you did the feared deed and saw the dentist.

Jan said...

I hate the dentist ,but it does help if they are gentle with you and understand what you are saying ..love Jan xx

Miss Ginger Grant said...

I went through several dentists until I found the one I have now and like very much.
I have had a full dental reconstruction- 8 crowns and the rest veneers- and couldn't be happier with the results!
If you've got one you like, stick with them, but make sure you understand them and they undertand you!