Sunday, May 17, 2009

Playing Catch Up on a HOT day...

Above are the shoes of our children, from size 14 (Matt) to size 2 (Nicholas).

Yes, it's been very warm over here. Saturday it was a high 100 degrees, Sunday it was hot in the 100's again, and today, a very balmy 85. I was in San Francisco on Saturday for one of my cousin's baby showers, and it was in the high 90's-kind of unusual for San Franciscan weather. I was near the beach on Sunday, and it was perfect, but as soon as I drove back over the hill, it was still in the 90's. Yesterday I dressed for work thinking it would be at least in the 70's but, I ended up freezing in only 60 degree weather. When I got home, the house felt like a sauna. Today the weather was much more tolerable, and not as muggy. I hate muggy weather. Note: It has taken me 4 days to write this entry; yes, I've been that busy.

I'm playing catch up. I am so far behind in writing in my blog, and reading your entries. The month of May has proven to be a busy month: Mother's Day, Andrew has his confirmation this month (I still haven't bought his "pimp suit" yet), Matt has prom, Lizzy just finished her finals, and my cousins are either popping out babies or getting married. I also got word yesterday that one of my nieces (the one in the military, stationed in Alaska) may be getting married very soon. Also my husband's parents are coming down this up-coming weekend. All that, mixed with youngest end of the year school activities, work and my commute--I'm really pooped! I've also had this really annoying headache that finally decided to go away yesterday.

Here are some pictures to share. You can see by the expression on my mother's face-she did get her "boxer shorts", although she refused to hold them up in the restaurant for a picture. Lizzy refused to help with the cause.


After lunch, we had ice cream on the wharf...

Andrew, his friend Cyrus, and Nicholas

Our three generation: Lizzy, Mom & Julie (me).

This seagull was eyeing my ice cream.

It was a beautiful day in Santa Cruz.


Lisa said...

those of us far far away from CA and an ocean would give anything on earth for 5 minutes of your weather.....sorry you hate balmy but the pics are great to look at. You all look awesome. Enjoy your busy May and i do hope that headache stays far far away.

Missie said...

It looks like it was a good time and great weather!

Indigo said...

Sounds like the month of May has definitely kept you on your toes. Loved all the Mother's day pictures! (Hugs)Indigo

Jan said...

No wonder you had a headache ,what a busy time you have had so pleased your Mum got her shorts lol ,I love all your pictures especially the three generations ,so pleased the seagulls didnt get your icecream , Jan xx

Sherms said...

Oh I just love the picture of your daughter, yourself and your mother! Its so wonderful, I think pictures like that are to be treasured forever. Please, trade weather with me! Its so horrible over here and I just love to feel my skin getting cooked by the sun. Its probably not good for me, but I can't help it! Strangely enough Adam loves the weather over here, I guess he got tired of the Florida sunshine.

Jimmy's Journal said...

great family pics! I too am way behind on visiting everyone but true friends and followers don't seem to mind.

I would have loved to see your Mom holding up the "boxer shorts"

Que Pena, eh?


Joann said...

Great pics!! Your mom's a cutie!! LOL!!!