Friday, May 8, 2009

"All I want for Mother's Day are boxer shorts!"

Yes, my mother wants me to buy boxer shorts. Not for herself, but for her grandsons. According to my mother, my sons don't not have big enough boxer shorts, and it will give her more joy than ever for her to know that they have proper underwear on than anything else I could ever give her. So, at the front door this afternoon, she waved her pointer finger at me, and told me:

"Don't buy me anything! All I want is boxer shorts for my grandchildren!"

Sigh.. My mom drives me crazy sometimes. Anyone hearing that would think I make my children wear holey underwear or something. Too bad I already bought her a present. Should I include the receipts for the new boxer shorts in her gift?

Yesterday afternoon she was really upset because of my new voicemail on my phone. We have the pre-recorded voice (it's a man's voice) answering our voicemail. For some reason, my mother thinks that we purposively do not answer the phone when she calls (we don't have call screening), and we let the voicemail of the "strange man" answer her calls so we can avoid them. She says the man's voice is "scary" and that it always makes her think she is calling the wrong number. Sigh. I need to remind myself to change my voicemail.

My son, Andrew's confirmation ceremony is at the end of the month, and it has now become my mother's personal pre-occupation. What is he going to wear for this important day?! My mother immediately opened up the JCPenney catalogue, and proceeded to look for proper church confirmation attire. She suggested a white suit. A white suit?! I'm sorry, but I am not going to dress my son in a white suit! This is not Fantasy Island! When does anyone wear a white suit?! Then she said that is what Andrew wanted: a white suit, with a "lilac tie". I could not believe for one moment that my son would suggest a "lilac tie" and a white suit. I confronted Andrew later about this conversation, and of course he just started smiling. He said that he thought a lilac tie would be really "sick" and suggested that he get a matching hat to got with it. Would you like a nice purple feather in the hat to match your tie?! Andrew just thinks it's all hilarious, and my mother is taking him way too seriously. He is going to look like a pimp in church if I don't do anything to stop this insanity.

Sigh..the joys of motherhood and grandmother hood..

I'm going to have a busy weekend, but just wanted to wish you all a good weekend to all the mothers and grandmothers out there, and those who have mothers, living or who have passed on. Do something special for yourself in memory of them.


Julie said...

What a hoot, lilac tie and matching hat. Your son's sense of humor is grand. My MIL would get something stuck in her head and worry it like a puppy with a new toy until I got it done. Good luck.

Indigo said...

Your mother is hilarious! I can't stop laughing about the "pimp in church" suit! (Hugs)Indigo

Lisa said...

actually, i would pay $ to see your son pimped out in lilac and all white with the feather in the hat....your mom is a riot...and i would TOTALLY include the boxer shorts receipt in her present..i fear if you do not she is gonna make the boys strip naked on Mothers day to prove you bought them!lol
Happy Mom's day to you my friend.

Jimmy's Journal said...

In the days of leisure suits, I must admit I had white one with white shoes. Truth be known, it was rather "hot" for that period.

The white suit might just look cool as well.

Happy Mother's Day!


Christopher M said...

HAHAHAHA WTH.... Boxer shorts on a woman please tell me your kidding!


-- Christopher

Joann said...

Your mom is cute, and Andrew is HILARIOUS, just egging her on!! LOL!! I want to see a pic of what he ends up wearing for his confirmation!! You are so funny "a purple feather in the hat"... LOLOL!!!!!!