Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wearing Two Left Shoes Hurts Your Feet

I never cease to amaze myself, folks..

The other day I went to the mall with both of my boys and had some mother and son time at the mall. We went to Target, and afterwards we went walking around the mall and window shopped, and Andrew needed new ear phones, and we had to stop and look at the new sneakers..you know, boy things. As I was walking about, I noticed that my feet started to feel sore for no particular reason. I was wondering to myself, "Oh my gosh, why do my feet hurt so much?" I do have a small bunion on my left foot, but I walk a lot, and I was wearing comfortable flat shoes, so I didn't understand. Then I just came to the conclusion that my foot hurt still from when I ran it over with my mom's trash can days previous. (I always move it for her on Wednesday nights so she doesn't hurt herself doing it herself, of course I'm the clumsy one who hurts herself anyway-go figure.) We proceeded to go back to our car, and then we had a nice lunch, and afterwards we went homeward.

It wasn't until the next day did I discover WHY my feet hurt. I was in rush to go to work, and there were my black flats waiting near the garage door-just where I left them last. Low and behold it was then that I realized that I had been wearing TWO LEFT shoes the day before. Incredible! To my defense, I have two pairs of black flats that are identical, so I'm not going completely crazy--I just chose two of the same-the lefts.

First I go to work with my shirt worn backwards and now I wore two left shoes. Lovely! What's next? Will I wear my pants on backwards?!

Which brings me to another story.... (I'm just full of them today!)

We have some men working in our front yard doing some much needed paving near our driveway, and I had to make a few calls to husband at work to answer some questions I didn't know how to answer. Nicholas was driving me a little crazy with his "experiments" he was conducting in the bathroom sink; he is in that stage where he likes to play with water. Well, of course he got himself completely wet, and tried to hide the fact that he was. He ran upstairs and changed his clothes, and as soon as I got on the phone to my husband's work I exclaim:

"Your pants are on backwards!"

"They are?" answers my husband's co-worker on the phone.

It took me a moment to realize what had just transpired. I didn't even hear a ring tone, and of course Andy (Rich's co-worker) picked up the phone and heard me tell Nicholas his pants were on backwards. Oh how lovely! Now Rich's work buddy thinks I'm crazy.


Miss Ginger Grant said...

But you're crazy in a good way, sweetie! (-;

Michelle said...

LOL well at least they were the same shoes lol.



Missie said...

At least they were the same shoe. Had they been diffent colors or styles, then I would have to think about your sanity! LOL

Have a good night.

Jimmy's Journal said...

I would laugh at you but I've done the same type of stunt many times myself. Makes one feel like a real winner, doesn't it?