Thursday, February 5, 2009

Rainy Thursday

Well, it's Thursday!

It's a cold and rainy day in San Jose. Nicholas did not want to get out of bed. In his words: "I have the sniffles. Can you please tell teacher I won't be coming in today?" So, since I'm a big ole' softy, I told him "okay" but he has homework to do today. He needs to work on writing his letters, and we have Valentines to work on. Do I really want to be driving out there right now after a first rain in weeks? To tell you the truth-not really. I also have papers to sign finally for this refinance loan that has been taking forever and a day to go through. Finally we got a call from the title company yesterday. Of course the loan is going through Wells Fargo. I guess they are FINALLY ready to get things moving through now that they aren't going to be spending all their vacation time in Vegas this month??

Anyway I'm home, and of course the older boys couldn't get out of bed either. SIGH. They are going to school both late today. My daughter however was out of the house by 6 a.m. on her way to catch a train to her classes in San Francisco. She is really loving art school. Oh, and Tania is home now-home in Terceira, Azores. We miss her already.. She called me yesterday at work to let me know that she was home safe, eating in the kitchen together with her family eating her favorite meal: Alcatra (Portuguese stew) and bacalhau (cod fish with potatoes) and bolocha maria pudding. Sigh... I love that pudding.

Lizzy & Tania at Christmas. With all these men around, it was nice having another girl around besides just me and Liz. Sigh..

My cousin, Manny (Tania's dad) is a regular reader of this blog, so the following is especially for him.

Manny-thank you so much for delivering that package to my sister-inlaw Otilia. Here are some pictures I got from her birthday party-I thought you may want to see!

My sister-inlaw is such a sweetheart-but she has always had a secret crush on my cousin Manny ever since he gave her a ride to church one Sunday so many years ago.) She is my first husband's older sister, and has always been especially sweet to me. I make a point of always sending her something special for her birthday each year.

Happy Birthday, Otilia!

She doesn't look 60, does she? See how young you can look if you don't get married or have kids?

Otilia with her family-my ex-inlaws-but still family; they still like me. :) See all the pretty girls? Those are my nieces.. My daughter looks a lot like her father's side of the family.

Manny, I promise to bring my camera to work tomorrow so you can see the porta poties outside of my office building. Stay tuned!

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Missie said...

So, that's what happened to me. I shouldn't have gotten married or had kids! LOL