Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Groundhog Day!

Groundhog Day Pictures, Images and Photos

Well, the news is in: Sorry folks! Groundhog saw his shadow so it's another six weeks of winter.

Damn Groundhog!

Oh well..

I cannot believe it's February already! It's a busy month and I have a feeling it's just going to fly by. I cannot complain about the weather we are having over here. Despite the cold mornings, we have been really having some beautiful days lately-almost Spring-like days! We are due for some heavy rains tomorrow, but from looking outside today, you could never guess it.

Remember "Mother Nature" butter lady? How could you grow up in the 70's without seeing that woman?! I think she ran off with Mr. Whipple the toilet paper obessed guy.

That Mother Nature chick has really gone over board with the crazy weather. We all know it's snowing a lot, but believe it or not, it was even snowing in the Azore Islands a few days ago. It NEVER snows in the Azores--it snows sometimes on the island of Pico (there is a very large mountain top there) but on there other islands--NEVER. Very strange:

These pictures are from the island of Flores, courtesy of my cousin, Rute:

The weekend was fairly pleasant. We went out and took the kids out to brunch on Sunday. My cousin, Tania and her fiance was with us. She is leaving tomorrow for the Azores to see her family who are excitedly awaiting her arrival back home. We shall miss her of course, but she has a wedding to plan for next summer and she better get to it, because I plan on being there next summer to see it happen!

The kids!

Nick ate well at brunch--he is doing the happy, rub your belly dance!


lisa jo said...

cute pics...glad to hear you are having nice weather....i bet it is a huge surprise to see snow when usually there is none. XO

Jimmy's Journal said...

I'm getting tired of seeing snow. Phil shoulda lied and said he saw his shadow.


Jan said...

Lovely pictures ,The picture at the bottom reminded me of my dear late Dad when he played with my kids, who would pull up their tee shirts for Granddad to pat their tummy's and sing ''my chest is one of the best ,the soldiers of the Queen ,hoy ,'' to them ,thanks for reviving that lovely memory for me hee hee Jan xx

Joann said...

Cute pics!! I'm enjoying the cool weather we're having lately.