Monday, February 23, 2009

I lost my crown!

I've been avoiding seeing the dentist for some time now, and I had good intentions to make an appointment earlier this year, when it finally happened: I'm sitting on the sofa, enjoying our new flat screen T.V., with a piece of chocolate in my mouth, when suddenly, I feel something else floating in my dark chocolate. Lovely. Nothing worse than losing a crown of a tooth in a river of chocolate in your mouth. So, I've been crown-less since Thursday night. My dentist who usually works on the weekends had this weekend off, so I'm at home today waiting for my appointment. Yesterday my head was starting to pound, but I don't think it was from my tooth, but rather a combination of staying up late to lisening to carnaval music at the Portuguese hall past midnight, my teenager, and the fact that my mother has been here all weekend. Sigh.. Oh, and I signed up a new Avon Representative yesterday! Yay! She had so many questions, and was so eager to start, that my mind was on complete overload. I'm feeling quite fried today. Don't even ask me a question please.

My mother had a lot of fun watching the carnaval dances at the hall. We got home at almost 1 a.m. and of course she wanted to bake cookies for my son. A hurricane could be coming, but if my son was hungry, she would stop everything and bake cookies. Sigh.. I never remember her wanting to make cookies for ME or any of my other siblings for that matter, at 1 a.m. I had to hide the cookie dough; I'm not kidding. For the record, my son wasn't even hungry, but according to her, he was because he is just too skinny, and I'm just an awful mother for denying my son a 1 a.m. freshly made out of the oven cookie treat. Sigh...

The carnaval dances were fun. Think Mardi Gra---with performances on stage, elaborate costumes, men in drag, women in drag, singing, dancing, comedy all done in rhyme: This link will take you the "dancas" directly from the Azores (Acores). People will go to their local "Salon" (theatre) and come with baskets of food with them and stay there for hours each day through Tuesday (fat Tuesday). Here is another:

I had good intentions of bringing my camera, but it got left in the kitchen drawer. I learned something interesting, that I did not know before. Terceira (the island in the Azores that my family is from, is the only island that really celebrates carnaval the way that we do. We are the only island that enjoy bloodless bullfights in the streets as well. We also consume more beer than all the 9 islands combined. I'm proud to say that my family comes from the "party" island of all of the Azores. We are a fat and happy and proud people!


Anonymous said...

We are fat & happy & pround people. Now there is a statement! My Dad's Portueguese friends(they've lived on our street forever) are all skinny. What are they doing wrong? I think it is because they own a concrete business & work 18 hours a day.

And the fact that my mother has been here all weekend....LOL
Yeah, I'm betting it was not the tooth!~Mary

Missie said...

I lost a crown once eating pudding! Go figure! Hope you can get it fixed quickly.

Have a good week.

Miss Ginger Grant said...

If your tooth hurts, clean out the crown with your tooth brush, fill it with vaseline, and stick it back on. The vaseline will seal the root of the tooth and protect it until your dentist can get in there and reset the crown.
I've lost many!

lisa jo said...

have you went to the dentist yet? I hope you are not in pain!! Glad you went and enjoyed your culture...XO