Sunday, February 15, 2009

Do Tea Bags Expire?

It's a chilly, windy and rainy day in San Jose, California. I decided to warm up the chill with a nice cup of tea today. I ran out of my favorite lemon and strawberry teabags and went into the cupboards to find some other tea bags when I encountered that white box of Colony Teas in there. Those tea bags actually came to the house from Rich's old condo when we moved in about 6 years ago, and that is when I asked him if there was an expiration. He didn't think so, but I checked the box and it had typed on it "Jan 1988"! Wow.. These teabags are older than my 1st born! Lovely! Is there an expiration for tea bags? Does anyone know? I found a newer box of Mr. Lipton, so I'm good, but I'm wondering about these old teabags. I'm contemplating if I should give them my daughter Liz or put them in her baby book or something.

I hope all of you had a great Valentines! Despite the rain, and some babysitting issues, Rich and I had a nice day. We went shopping, saw a good movie and had a nice dinner, (once we found a place to eat--another story) and nice alone time away from the children.

I have another question I'm going to throw out to all of you. I know most of you like going to the movie theatre to see a movie. Going out to see a movie by ourselves without the kids is kind of a big deal for us because we don't do it very often--it's like a treat. So, it was a little disappointing when the couple next to my husband decided to bring "dinner" to the movie theatre. I've never seen this happen, and we found it extremely rude. From the momment I saw the lady come in with a tall paperbag, I knew something was suscipious. I always thought there were rules against people bringing in their own "food", and I am guilty of bringing my own soda or candy on occasion, but a whole dinner?! The couple was chowing down (I mean chowing down from their plastic and styro foam plates, (making various grunt noises) for a good half hour. I'm not exaggerating. It was hard to listen and watch the previews while "Betty & Fred" were eating their chimichangas and Chinese food.

So, on my husband's side we had Fred & Betty, and on my side, there was a weird guy who told me: "Don't worry I am healthy." Before he sat down next to me, explaining that he is German, and that's what people said. Okay. I'm happy you are healthy. He was sipping Starbucks, and I was so jealous. They took all the coffee out of the theatre, and you had to go out in the rain next door to get coffee, but I didn't want to go outside, so I got to smell Starbuck breath from the healthy German guy. It was driving me crazy, and it made me crave coffee all night. I finally got my coffee at 10:30 pm and it never tasted so good. By the way, we saw the new movie: TAKEN. It was good!! :) Despite all the distractions, it was worth seeing.

Rich wanted to take me out to dinner to a "nice" place. We decided to go to this place we went years and years ago when we were dating. Well, we drove looking for it only to discover it was closed and taken over and now a Club Barcelona, nightclub. Then we went looking for another one--same scenario----the sign was still out posted on the highway, but there was a huge FOR LEASE sign in the window, along with a lot of graffitti all over the roof. Then we decided to go to this nice hotel for dinner. We drove by and it was now an empty lot. Kind of tells you we need to go out more often, hey?


Miss Ginger Grant said...

That is EXACTLY why I hate going to movie theatres! t seems like everyone leaves their manners at home when they go to the cinema. I'd rather stay home and watch a rental!

Joann said...

I know that some theaters will allow you to bring in your own food and drinks. I take in coffee sometimes, but never food... part of the fun of being out with friends is going out to dinner either before or after the movie. You're right, i think it's rude if they are making noises with paper, etc. even the food smells can be very distracting... if you're not hungry, they just stink, no matter how good the food would be otherwise. Glad you finally found a good place to eat, sounds like you had a nice time out. That movie looks like a good one, that's one I do want to see.

Missie said...

I don't think theaters around here let you bring anything inside the building.

Enjoy your week coming up.

lisa jo said...

that healthy German sounds a bit weird.....but i am glad you two got to go out and enjoy yourselves...i never ever go to the movies unless it is a Clooney movie and then i wait most of the time but i know in Cincy you can order dinner and have it served to you at your seat in the theatre before the show but never DURING the show.
i bet that tea is STRONG.
hugs XO

Indigo said...

Umm after a year or so, yeah teabags DO expire. The can dry out and get a fuzzy mold. I would of been put out with the rude dinner patrons in the theatre. In so many ways I'm glad I no longer have to contend with that environment. (Hugs)Indigo

Jimmy's Journal said...

I haven't been in a movie theatre in 30 years for that same reason. If it's not some moron who talks to the screen during the movie, it's the some glob of inhumanity who can't go one hour without eating.

Then again, there's the family who watches the movie together and has their own inter-actions and conversations during the movie.

Once I hadn't been to the movies after the first two years, everything on HBO or Showtime was a "new movie" to me, without the obvious distractions.


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