Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pink Eye Is Not Fun

This week is proving to be an equally busy week for our family.

Nicholas has come down with a case of PINK eye. He is not a happy camper. He does not like the eye drops we have to put in his eyes. To make matters worse, he is now complaining that his ear hurts. Why the doctor did not check his ears yesterday is beyond me. Now I'm afraid he is has pink eye AND ear infection. Damm.

Putting eye drops in his eyes is quite impossible. He won't do it willingly. We called the advice nurse for his doctor who told us to "hold him down" even if it meant sitting on him. Lovely. Well, luckily we didn't sit on the poor kid, but hopefully the drops crept into the eyes of his somehow. His eyes do look better than yesterday, but they are not 100%.

This afternoon, when I was looking for the drops to put in I couldn't find them. I looked everywhere, and then checked everywhere again. I could not find them! While looking up and down, everywhere, Nicholas said nothing, but he looked fearful that I would eventually find them. I then called his doctor and asked them to refill them. This made Nicholas very upset because he thought he had to go to the doctor's again. As soon as I got off the phone, Nicholas exclaimed:

"You didn't look in that closet."

He then pointed to the little closet in my room. I went over to it, and sure enough, sitting on the edge of a box was the small eye drop container. I guess he realized it was a losing battle at that point.

I don't remember putting it in there, and I'm guessing he did when I wasn't looking, but I've been so frazzled out lately, it could have been me who put it there. Anyway, to Nick's dismay he got another dosage, and he is due for 2 more tonight. Lovely. It's not fun wrestling with a 5 year old only to squirt the eye drops to his tightly clinched eyes, only hoping some will seep through, while the poor little guy is crying aligator tears. It's not my favorite thing to do-especially when he shouts stop, and asks for "a kiss" or "a hug" instead. :(

At the moment he is laying on the couch trying to get a nap. I'm hoping he does...he is worn out. (As well as I, but no naps for me...)

Saturday was Nicholas' birthday party-that went rather well, and Sunday I got some stuff done. Monday involved Andrew's first day at his new high school-(which went rather well by the way), and dr. appointments and eye drops. I did not work yesterday--WHY we celebrate a holiday on Tuesday instead of Monday is beyond me. At least today is a holiday, but I'm not quite sure if I will be in at work tomorrow either. Nicholas definitely doesn't look like he is ready for school yet-he may have to stay with my mom tomorrow...

I got two more boxes of Skin So Soft---I have 10 more bags to make until I'm headed to the church all to sell my Avon. I will post a picture once I'm done with all of them.

Oh..I finally got some Halloween pictures, and some pictures from Nick's party...

Here's our evil nurse vampire, Lizzy above, and there is Liz again below dressed for Day of The Dead girl, with her speckled boyfriend, the panda bear..

Blogger is not cooperating... More photos coming later! I have to make a meatloaf right now anyway!


Michelle said...

Poor Nicholas!!!! And poor you!

I am Horrible having drops put in my eyes lol.

Someone has to practically sit on me and pry my arms away from my eyes lol. And I'm 40!!!

If it was him that hid the eyedrops - you got to give him an A for effort lol!

I hope it clears up fast!!!



Missie said...

I hope Nicholas's eyes get better soon. When my kids were little and had pink eye, I'd always end up with pink eye by the time they were cured!

Joann said...

I have two suggestions: One is to do it when he's in a deep sleep, another idea is to let him watch you in the mirror as you open the BOTTOM lid (oxymoron, I know) ok the bottom part of the eye, and gently put the drops in the bottom only, then he can blink all he wants, they're in his eyes, and he got to see them go in. He may feel much better if they aren't going directly onto his pupil. That's hard for anyone.


Sherry said...

my heart goes out to nicholas the poor thing we just went around with pink eye here . I love the pictures too ..

Teresa F said...

Here's how I do eye drops... have him lay down with his head slightly back. Tell him to close his eyes, but not tight. Drop the drops into the inside corner of his eyes and tell him to open his eyes slowly.