Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Better, But Still Crappy

Hello -

I am feeling better, but this sinus infection has really worn me down for the past week. I still wake up with gook in my eyes, and a very dry and red nose, and besides my head feeling like it was kicked in three different places, I feel just "swell"... My voice (I lost it for a few days) is getting progressively better, but I still sound like an old lady who smokes two packs of Camels, chasing it down with a bottle of Vodka. As for Nyquil, okay I NEVER really tasted a pine tree, but, if a pine tree could be liquidfied into cold medicine, it would be Nyquil. Eeeeeewww... I'm on Sudafed and Advil at the moment, and I am feeling better.

Another odd advertisement from the 30's...

Nicholas, I'm happy to report is 100% well.

Husband is getting sick, but not too bad-I don't think he'll get it as hard.

I have 4 more gift bags to make before my Christmas Boutique this weekend. Saturday and Sunday I will be sitting in the church hall from 9-5 pushing perfume, lipstick and SSS... I hope this darn gift sets I made sell! I need to post a few pictures of them. Tania and Lizzy seem to think they are pretty.. I also have basket I made for a free raffle I have-it's an Angel theme. I need to post them on here so you can see. I know, I still haven't posted that picture of Liz with her signed Erik Estrada picture.... May be I'll kill two birds with one stone and post them both.

At the moment I can't smell anything, and that is probably a good thing, because this ghetto office building I work in has terrible plumbing. The toilets have backed up yet again, and from what I hear the hallways stink.. Apparently they sold this building, and the new buyer has promised to gut out the women's and men's bathrooms entirely, and have promised the tenants to replace them with new marble bathrooms, and new carpets, and the Miami Vice wallpaper is coming down... Promises, promises... Currently there is a huge wet spot between the women's and men's bathroom. Apparently sewage is coming up from the sink in the little closet between the two bathrooms. Lovely. I don't want to think of all the germs in the air right now.. Did I mention that the women's bathroom had mushrooms growing in the corner of the ceiling? Lovely.

Okay......another strange advertisement...

Thanksgiving is almost here. Have you done any Christmas shopping? Do you realize that this year is almost over! Is it just me, or has this year just flown by a little too fast?


Anonymous said...

LOL that made me a laugh

" An Old lady that smokes a pack of Camels and chases it down with vodka"


ps.. those ads from the 30's and 60s they kinda look creapy lol, especially the last one

Hope you get to feeling better soon though!

~ Christopher ~

lisa jo said...

i am almost totally done with my shopping. I sure hope you feel better soon...feeling sick and working is awful...those are some really strange ads! XO

Missie said...

Feel better soon! I hope you sell your gift sets. They sound great!

Shermeen0621 said...

Yay, I figured out how to get here! I've no idea how to link you to my blog but maybe one day! And can I get alerts for your blog? Another thing I'll have to try and figure out. So many people have sent me links to their blogs that are all over the place but I'm just been really bogged down in visa stuff. Anyway, I'm sorry to hear that you've not been too great. Its just that time of year. Travelling on public transport like I do, its impossible not to get sick. People coughing and spluttering all over, yick! Feel better soon though.

Shermeen xx

Oh, I've got pressies for the babies and everyone else I'm getting next week when I get paid. Its so stressful this year. usually I love xmas shopping but money is tight!

ELLIE said...

thanks for the nomination girlfriend - so appreciated!!!!
those advertisements just crack me up - so strange how our world had come around!!
Hunnie I would NOT work in your building....I know it is your job but there used to be mold from my old job growing in walls (due to water and no drainage on the roof) and that is what made me terminally ill - the black mold ate away at my lungs and it was totally air plz be careful - call the health dept anonymously - to have them look - I am telling you - that is a major hazard!!!
I so hope you get better soon - a sinus infection just feels like you have been in a boxing match - it is crazy!!
we need to see pictures of your goodies and erik estrada (God I love him) take care

Jimmy's Journal said...

I smoked camels for about a month but I switched back to cigarettes. Too hard to keep the damned things lit.


Sherry said...

I am sending you healing prayers and good wishes