Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I am Alive :)


Gee, it's been awhile since I've posted, hasn't it?

I've been a very busy, and sick woman.

I have been "under the weather" for almost TWO weeks and feeling this badly really sucks, BIG time.

Meanwhile, here is an update of my weekend:

The Christmas Boutique: It went well...and I had some very nice, and odd visitors at my Avon booth. When I feel better, I can tell you some stories... The gift bags that I failed to take pictures of to show you all sold! Half of them I sold on the last day of the boutique, and the rest was taken to work where I sold the remainder in 15 minutes. It was pretty amazing how fast SkinSoSoft (at the right price) sells!

Two full days at the church hall was a little overwhelming. Like I wrote earlier, there were a select few odd people. One included a woman who entered her parrot (his name is Milt) into my raffle. Luckily, I didn't pull Milt's name on the day of my raffle. If I did, I would have pulled another. I learned quite quickly that Christmas Boutiques attract a different array of people. I will not go into detail... I'm trying to block some of these individuals out of my memory-especially the guy with dark glasses who disclosed his large collection of Wild Country Cologne Avon dispensers. Luckily, my sister-inlaw drove down to help me on both days. I think when she how sickly and crappy I looked and sounded like, she felt she needed to be there.. No matter, I really appreciated the company.
I joined Facebook.. (Waving to Lisa Jo & Lyn) If you have it, please let me know! I reconnected with some old friends from school as well--it's pretty neat! :)
On a happier note, today was my son's first basketball game on his first team. Every since he has changed high schools two weeks ago, he has been playing on the Jr. Varsity Basketball team. It was nice to see him on the court actually playing!!! He has NEVER been able to involved in afterschool sports, so it was great seeing him out there playing. No, they didn't win, but it didn't matter to me.

Okay, that was a quick update. Tomorrow I will not "work" as in going to work, but I will be WORKING. Seriously, I think I work more at home than I do at my job. My work at the office is almosted considered a BREAK for me. I will spend the day at the grocery store, working on my desserts for Thanksgiving, and possibly buying already made pies and cakes. I'm not going to force myself to go beyond my capabilities especially when I'm not feeling well. I am no Martha Stuart anyway. Her "perfect" iced cookies still upset me. I swear that woman must be part alien or something---it's just not natural for anyone to make such perfect iced cookies... We are having dinner at my sister's house. I also need to clean my house. Last weekend it was not done, and I have toilet bowls to scrub.

I still have pictures to share... Hopefully in between cleaning toilets, I can share them with you...

Have a wonderful tomorrow.. I'm pooped!!!


lisa jo said...

did i tell you about the girl who found me on FB? (facebook)
she is a friend of a friend. The other friend moved to VT 20 yrs ago and we were close as sisters and have lost touch. This other girl was a tag along when we all were teens. I had NO idea who she was when she gave me an invite and then she emailed with a story. I do not remember the night she talks about but i remember the places and people. STRANGE!
I hate it that you are and have been sick. I was half dead for 10 full days. It is so hard to be sick and still work. Congrats to your son and his sports!! I am so glad this HS is working out for him. I told you that people LOVE gift sets! XO

Jan said...

Ikeep hearing good things about skin so soft Imust buy some ...love Jan xx

Missie said...

I have a facebook page but I never check it out.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Kathy said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too! I'm on Facebook now as well. Feel like I need to find a way or two to keep in touch 'just in case'. LOL

Glad you're feeling a bit better!

ELLIE said...

I hope your holiday was filled with overflowing blessings and much love!
take care--Ellie