Saturday, November 8, 2008

Good morning!!

I haven't really put in a decent post all week, mostly because it's been a VERY BUSY week.

I've switched my older son's high school, and Monday will be his first day. His last day at his old high school was on Halloween. I am SO GLAD he will be back in school again soon. He had to get his TB shot, and then we had to wait two days for the results, and then he had to get his transcripts sent..etc. He is coming from a high school from a totally different county, so it added to all the delays. Yesterday he got his classes, and his gym clothes, and all he needs to do Monday morning is get his books and his PC. Yes, they give each student a laptop at this school. It's great-really-as long as the students to manipulate it to IM eachother in class or update their Myspace. Yeah, it happens, believe me. My daughter finished high school at this school and my step-son is currently a senior. It may be the reason why the juniors and seniors didn't get a lap-top this year...

I'm really hoping this change of high schools will get Andrew motivated a little more. He was not doing well at the old high school. He will be finally going to school in the same city he lives in, 3 blocks away in fact, and he can particpate in afterschool sports. Best of all, he WANTED to change schools, so how could I refuse this. His main worry was no longer keeping my mom company during the week like he had been, but we will just have to make some adjustments in that area. Grandma will have to visit us more often during the week.

Our main objective now is to get the "laziness" out of him. He has morning basketball practice, and you don't know how long it actually took us both to get his little boney butt (he is very skinny) out of bed this morning. Staying up until 1am is no longer going to fly anymore. Urrrg... We thought his practice was at 9 so we were rushing him out of bed, and as soon as he got out of the shower, he was told by his step son that it was actually at 10 am. Thanks. Of course his step-brother thought it was hilarious. Teenagers...

Halloween was fun--pictures coming--I am so far behind...

Election was quite historical. I keep remembering McCain speech, and the sea of majority of white in the audience. Sorry, but it's true. Then watching the Obama acceptance speech and seeing the tears of an audience in all colors----white, red, black, brown, yellow.... America. I love this country!

Nicholas turned 5 on Wedneday-pictures coming later-haven't had time yet to download them... We are having a party for him today (still have some grocery shopping to do.) He is thrilled to be 5 years old!

I have attempted to download pictures from photobucket on my sidebar with no success. They keep asking me where the source is-and no matter how many times I mark "the web" it won't work. I also cannot download videos. Anyone have suggestions???

Right now I have hair color in my hair, and I think the 30 minute time limit is coming up very soon...

Have an AWESOME weekend. (Thanks Lisa Jo for the graphics on this page---love you.)


Jimmy's Journal said...

Good morning, Julie - I think I can help you with tour sidebar issues. Move the pictures you want to post from their present location to "My Documents" then;

1) click customize 2) click "add a gadget" 3) scroll down and click "Picture" 4) Where it says "Image" choose "from your computer" 5) click browse 6) search until you find "My documents" 7) click picture 8) click "open" 9) clck save and then save it again before viewing your blog.

If you have problems, email me at - Good Luck.


Winivere said...

Hi, Jules! Yay @ comments about Obama. I have been bumme* to rea* so many journals that are "not quite sure." I am happy & hopeful for the changes we will see ahea*. When you loa* pics from Photobucket use the html instea* of the *irect. Plz get ri* of the wor* verification... as you can see I am missing a letter from my computer! LOL

Winivere said...

P.S. That Patrick *empsey is so HOT!!!!! LOL

Winivere said...

Hi. Just me again... trying to make it look like you've got a lot of frien*s comments!!!!!! hahahahahahahaha Love you!!!!!

Toon said...

The crowd at McFail's "I lost" speech was what USED to be America....the million-plus people in Grant Park outside Obama's victory speech is what America looks like NOW!


lisa jo said...

love you TOO!
Hurry with the pics! We need pics. Happy birthday to cutie patootie Nicholas! Good luck to your son at the new HS. Laziness seems to be the NORM for teens. Chad is UNREAL to deal with when i need to get him awake. Miss you when you don't post. XOXOX

ELLIE said...

WOW - you have had a very busy week - so crazy - I truly hope that this new high school works out for your son - sounds very promising!
remember to relax and take care of you!

Michelle said...

Happy birthday to Nicholas!!! His birthday is a day after Brian's.!!

5 is a BIG deal! lol No wonder he was so excited!

WE have the laptops at our school too - macbooks. They are pretty cool - they use them for every class and Brian is learning to do a lot of imovies and presentations on them with groups of kids. Unfort. he HATES that part! lol.

Supposedly the teacher up in front of the class can see from her laptop what the kids are doing on their laptops - there is a lot of fooling around going on - according to Mr rules (brian)

I have to light a fire under my oldest son Robert- to get him to start taking school more seriously - he seems to think school is a place just to socialize lol.

Good luck to Andrew in his new school! At least he wants to be there!



Indigo said...

I'm still in shock everything in the classroom is computerized these days. Including the boards. They no longer have chalkboards in the schools here. Damn I feel old!

I hope the change of schools makes a difference for Andrew.

Thank you for noticing the difference in the crowds election night. I saw it too! I think we have hope in this country, that's something that's been missing for years! (Hugs)Indigo