Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Welcome, 2010!

Welcome to my life--please enter quitely, and leave peacefully, 2010. I look forward to your stay, and I'm hoping you will enjoy my company as well. I know we shall have good times, and perhaps some tough times. We may have good weather, and sometimes stormy, but I own an umbrella. May you bring joy and good health to my friends and family. If you should leave a mess now and then, I'll be ready for you--as long as the sun comes up the next day, I know I'll get the strength to conquer whatever you should throw in my path. Welcome, 2010--make yourself at home.

Okay I've made a few resolutions already. One of them is to write more often-and that includes being more dutiful to my blog which I have neglected for many weeks. I'm not even going to spend too much time explaining myself, just that life has been pretty busy the last few months. It seems as the kids get older, life gets even more busier---why is that? I should not complain though--I know one day Rich and I will be in an empty house (Rich is looking forward to this--I'm not) and we will sit there in front of the T.V. and we will wonder... "Why haven't we heard from the kids lately?" Well--it's not going to happen any time soon. Nicholas is 6--we have at least 14 years to go..ha ha ha. Wow--we probably will have grandchildren before weird. Okay, I'm going to stop thinking about it.

Last night Nicholas marched down stairs to the living room and announced that he was holding something behind his back that he no longer "needed". He then quickly revealed what it was---and my heart dropped when I saw what it was. It was his Winnie The Pooh musical pully that was once hanging in his crib. It plays the lullaby song, and he has had it hanging on the door knob of his closet ever since we put the crib away. Sigh.. Our little boy is growing up! I promised him I would keep it for his first born. Oh God, I don't even know how old I'll be when that happens.. Eek...

The house has been a little more quiet lately. My Lizzy and my son Andrew is off in New Jersey being spoiled by their father and step-mother for a week. From the phone calls I've been getting they are enjoying themselves and the snow--they'll be home soon. I personally don't know how their dad does it--I could not go on without seeing my kids years at a time-it would kill me.

Andrew on staging performing with his friends.

For Christmas I got a very special gift from my son Andrew--a copy of all of his songs on a CD, along with a very special note that made me cry--a happy cry, not a sad one. If I knew how I would download one of the songs on here---perhaps later.

Last night hubby and I watched old episodes of Roseanne through the new year. Sounds exciting huh? I never watched the last episodes of that show and had no idea that Roseanne's character wins the lottery. Rich explained it all to me, and I must admit that I was a bit surprised that my husband used to watch that show---almost in shock. I mean, he likes the History Channel and watching men drive trucks through Alaska shows, and comedy stuff--but Roseanne?! The people on that show remind me of the people I used to see during my brazen single days when I would go to mountain bars. All that plaid and missing teeth, and beer bellies... Interesting. We watched Roseanne and heard the fireworks go off around the neighborhood--thrilling I know, but when you are with the love of your life it really doesn't matter where you are for the new year, right? Tonight we are going to visit my mom, leave Nicholas there and go out to dinner and see a movie.

My friends--may your year be beautiful from beginning to end. Hugs and God bless!


Anonymous said...

we also watched Roseanne last night. The lottery shows were AWFUL....i loved that show so much but she ruined it at the end.

love the pic of Nicholas. It is hard when the kiddies grow up and move on, huh? I hope you and yours have a healthy and happy 2010.



Missie said...

I wish you and you're family a happy, healthy 2010.

Joann said...

LOVE your playlist!! Wishing you and yours a very blessed New Year!!

Joann said...

OH, and that's an ADORABLE pic of Nicholas!!! LOL!!

Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

Happy New Year Julie and family!!!

Nickolas is so adorable!!!

Have a wonderful New Year!



Lori said...

I loved the way you welcomed in 2010! Hope yours is a very good one! Yes, our kids are going to be grown and out of the house before we know it. My Andrew is 20 and still here (and I hope he stays here a bit longer -- at least until he's finished with school and settled in some decent job) and Eler Beth is almost 14. She has declared she's always going to live with us or at least next door to us -- and I secretly hope she does! lol