Thursday, January 14, 2010

Channeling My Inner Rocky

Well, wow, it’s the middle of January and I haven’t bothered to enter an entry until now? Okay, well I had good intentions at the first of the year—I’m sticking to that.

I could start this by saying that I’ve been busy, but what else is new? Sometimes, by the end of the day, I’m exhausted. I’m finding that it is getting harder and harder to stay past 10 pm during the weekdays—even sometimes on the weekend. My friend Deolinda came across my blog the other day and wondered when I had time to write on this—she was amazed. Deolinda---I don’t have time. It amazes me myself. Sometimes I have good days. Today has started to be a good day---I even had a cute homeless guy wave at me this morning and say hello while I was on my way to get my coffee. Can it get any better than that? Well, he was cute anyway.

I’m getting a little peeved with a few of my Avon customers as of late. I try to be a nice Avon lady, but sometimes I think I’m feeling taken advantage of because I’m so “nice”. For instance, I have a few customers that return stuff a little too often. I can almost predict when she is going to tell me she is going to return something. Okay, I say..and I pay for the return to go back to Pasadena. Yes, at my cost, because I’m the “nice Avon lady”. But, when I get customers that want to return stuff months after they have used the product, Miss Nice Avon Lady turns into Rocky Balboa Avon Lady. What is up with that? Okay lady you bought these tennis shoes like 2 months ago, and now you want to return them? I don’t think so, lady! I could see a week or two afterwards, but two months?! This is not the first time this lady returned these very same shoes. She ordered them and they were a “bit too big” now one of the “loops” are getting loose. No more Miss Nice Avon Lady!! Ding! Dong! This Avon lady isn’t going to be ringing your door bell anymore. Okay, I’ve vented.

Well, it’s official! I bought my airline tickets and, God willing, I will be back in the Azores this summer. Yay! Yes, I’m excited---I’m looking forward in seeing my family back there on the rock, and be part of my dear cousin’s wedding. This year my husband will FINALLY make the trip over to see where his crazy wife’s ancestors were from. He has heard so many stories about the place—but the whole Azores experience cannot be just told—he needs to see it—and live it. Okay, he’ll be there for only a week, and it will probably just be a week of blur images once he gets past the 7 hour difference in time and jet lag, but hopefully it will be a happy blur! I can’t wait for my relatives to meet him. They all love him already for “saving” me from being an “old maid divorcee” (a Portuguese mother’s nightmare for their daughter), but I want them to meet the MAN, the legend, in person.

My kids went out to see their dad in New Jersey, and I’m happy to report that they had a good visit. They enjoyed the snow and the East coast atmosphere-especially the sights and sounds of New York. I’m just glad they are back home-I missed them. They were spoiled beyond reason-lots of eating out, trips to New York City, Atlantic City, Broadway shows…and lots of shopping. Andrew has this new Ipod Touch that I’m totally fascinated about—it has everything—it’s a phone, it’s mp3, it’s…amazing.

I have a little Ipod. It’s a tiny little one. I need to upload my music list on here and slap on my Curves pants and get to walking the track again. It’s rainy over here, and cold, but I have some pounds to lose before the big trip. It’s cold, but not snowing. When the kids called me from New York earlier this month when it was a whole 4 degrees, I felt pretty guilty about complaining about my 60 degree weather. Time to toughen up! Time to call on my inner “Rocky Balboa”.

Have a great week everybody!


Indigo said...

I'm not sure I would appreciate the customers who constantly return stuff either. I'm excited for you. I love hearing about your adventures in the Azores.

As for the kids. Nothing beats the winter on the East Coast. Always something to do and enjoy. (Hugs)Indigo

LYN said...

I am on day 14 blogging..boring as my life is i am determined to document it...


Anonymous said...

you're still wearing the Curves pants? Good for you. I am LOL at your story about being the nice Avon lady. I had a good friend retire and now i can not get Avon easily. Plus i have used the same face scrub since i was 16 and it is never in the book anymore. I am totally peeved.
I am SOOOOOOO glad your DH will go with you!! I know that means so much to you. XO


Missie said...

I have the same problem with some of my Avon customers, but what can we do? Avon offers a 100% customer satisfaction or money back.

Have a good weekend.

Lori said...

I'm so glad you are getting to go home to visit and that your husband will finally get to meet your family. I hope you guys have a wonderful time. I know what you mean about not having time to post very often. But this was a great post! I used to sell Avon (and I enjoyed it), but I don't think I had any customers who returned things a lot. I wouldn't like that either, and I think you can be excused for getting a bit irritated with that one lady. I love my little iPod and have podcasts and books on it.